Why Chem-Dry in Anaheim?

Anaheim's chem-dry is dry, green and cleanAnaheim Carpets cleaned by Chem-Dry in Anaheim are completely dry in 1 to 2 hours, unlike steam carpet cleaning or shampooing that can take 1 to 2 days to fully dry. When your Anaheim home or business is cleaned Chem-Dry it does not need to soaked with water because of our exclusive carbonated cleaning solution. Chem-Dry’s solution, the Natural has no harmful chemicals, dyes, harsh soaps, detergents or bleaching agents; so there is no need to dump and extract lots of water into your floors trying to rinse the sudsy solution out. Our solution the Natural® does not leave any residue or sticky film that can attract dirt and grime, letting the effects of Chem-Dry in Anaheim’s cleaning last longer. Chem-Dry  in Anaheim believes in doing Their part to take care of the environment. Chem-Dry in Anaheim only use biodegradable products that are eco-friendly, our non-toxic natural cleaning solutions and reduced water usage are just the start we are also in the process of going paperless! Due to low amount of moisture used in our cleaning we have taken healthy to the next level by preventing the infestation of bacteria, mold and mildew that can be left behind when excessive amounts of water are used while cleaning your carpets. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Anaheim will leave your house or business healthy for your family, children, employees and pets to enjoy without caution or extravagant waiting times.

Expert Spot Removal Services in Anaheim

Specialty Spot Removal in Anaheim, CAFor optimal success in removing a stains from carpets or upholstery you need to act as quickly as possible, the longer a spot sits the deeper it can settle making it harder to treat. Most stains can be removed fairly easily and with little need for specialized equipment there are some stains that do require professional attention that the trained technicians from Air Fresh Chem-Dry can assist you with. If you are not sure about a spot that needs removal call Air Fresh Chem Dry in Anaheim and consult with our friendly staff. We are the industry leaders with a variety of products, solutions and treatments that are available to you. We are here to help cater to your individual needs and fight against tough set in stains.

Chem-Dry in Anaheim vs. Anaheim Steam Cleaners

See the Chem-Dry difference in Anaheim, CA. Watch how Chem-Dry can get the tough stains out of yoru carpet and how steam will force the dirt deep down into your carpets in your Anaheim home.The difference between Chem-Dry in Anaheim and steam carpet cleaners in Anaheim is the amount of water used, the cleaning solutions, the high standards of clean, a green certified product and the name you trust. Chem-Dry starts by using their carbonated cleaning solution that reaches deep down into carpet fibers breaking up the spots and stains with gentle cleaning. Then we use hot water to extract the particles bringing them to the surface where they are then vacuumed away. On the other hand, steam cleaning soaks carpeting with shampoos, soaps and detergents followed by forcing large amounts of water while attempting to extract all the harsh solutions and moisture leaving some in the fibers causing a residue buildup that will instantly attract soil and dust. Chem-Dry in Anaheim offers dry times of 1-2 hours, while steam cleaned carpets take 1-2 days to fully dry. Chem-Dry in Anaheim is the driest, healthiest most thorough carpet cleaning clean you can’t get in Anaheim. Air Fresh Chem-Dry of Anaheim is the trusted brand you can rely on to refresh and rejuvenate your carpets, floors, tile and upholstery that is safe for children, pets, and mother nature.

To schedule your appointment in Anaheim today call 1-866-384-7474, and make the healthy choice.

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