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Chem-Dry Cares raising funds for Best Friends Animal SocietyChem-Dry Cares raising funds for Best Friends Animal Society

Chem-Dry is dedicated to helping families maintain a happy, healthy home. That commitment extends to all family members, including pets. Chem-Dry is proud to offer an array of superior cleaning services – including our revolutionary Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) – that help pet owners maintain a clean, safe and healthy home for both their two-legged and their four-legged family members.

As an extension to this commitment, Chem-Dry is partnering with Best Friends Animal Society® and helping to raise funds to support their network of animal shelters across the country and further their efforts to encourage rescue pet adoption.

Donate to Best Friends Animal Society Today!

The mission of Best Friends Animal Society is to bring about a time when there are No More Homeless Pets. To achieve this goal, Best Friends has been building effective programs to save animals for over 30 years. Their No More Homeless Pets Network coordinates animal shelters and rescue groups from across the country to hold adoption events, public education campaigns and fundraising drives. Some of Best Friends Animal Society’s critical initiatives include combating puppy mills and promoting spay/neuter programs to reduce the number of animals entering shelters.

Please join us in supporting this worthy and important cause. Your donations go directly to Best Friends Animal Society and their No More Homeless Pets Network of over 1,500 shelters across the country.

To join us in our efforts and to make a donation to Best Friends Animal Society® and help them in their cause to find happy homes for all rescue pets, visit

To learn more about Best Friends and their No More Homeless Pets Network, visit

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Carpet Cleaning Tips

How can I make my carpet last longer?

The best way to keep carpets cleaner, longer is to vacuum weekly as well as professionally clean your carpets using a neutral pH cleaning process. Carpet cleaning should be done every 4-12 months depending on the amount of use the carpets get. Avoiding shampoo, detergent, products containing soap residues and chemicals can keep your carpet cleaner for a longer period of time as well as keep your investment longer, ensuring you get the most out of your carpet’s lifetime.

One of the most common questions that carpet cleaning companies like Air Fresh Chem-Dry receives from customers is “How can I go longer periods of time without having to clean my carpets?” Our suggestions are:

Avoiding the use of shoes in the home

Sweep your porch frequently, most of the dirt that enters the home comes from your entry areas

Vacuum weekly

Use Chem-Dry’s professional strength spot remover versus other other the counter spot cleaners. (Neutral pH, no chemicals or surfactants)

Professionally clean your carpets before they get noticeably bad, cleaning them for routine maintenance

Carpet Cleaning Tip #1: Removing your shoes

Removing shoes helps keep outside dirt from coming indoors. Removing your shoes before walking on your home’s carpet is the best way to extend the life of your carpet cleanings and the lifespan of your carpet.

Making a habit for your guests and residents to take off their shoes may seem like a tall task and making a routine takes some effort, but in the long run it will keep your home cleaner and saves you money long term.

Another common question that carpet cleaning companies like Air Fresh Chem-Dry receives from customers are concerns about the dark lines that can begin to appear along carpet baseboards and around door openings or door jams. The term our industry uses to describe this condition is Filtration Line Soiling.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #2: Limit soil filtration

The condition is often the result of air moving in and around the room when the home’s heating and air system turns on. Carpet that has Filtration Line Soiling can be improved by using Chem-Dry’s Filtration Line Removal products and Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning tools which are specially designed for this carpet condition. Lighting candles in the home can exacerbate soil filtration in carpet significantly. Dust in your home helps create this situation as well so changing your HVAC filters on a regular basis will help improve indoor air quality and can help decrease the chance of getting this condition or exasperating this condition.

Carpet Cleaning Tip #3: Vacuum the carpets

In addition to adopting a no-shoes policy and changing heating and air conditioning filters, another great way to extend the lifespan of your carpet and the interval between carpet cleanings is to vacuum your carpet on a frequent and regular basis. Vacuuming regularly will help remove the small particles of dirt and gravel that are abrasive to carpet fibers.

Adopting a no-shoes policy, regularly vacuuming and replacing your home’s HVAC filters regularly are all great ways to add value to your home and reduce the costs associated with carpet cleaning maintenance.

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Review Us On Yelp

Air Fresh Chem-Dry strives to be the best carpet cleaner in Orange County, Inland Empire, San Bernardino and E. Los Angeles County. We have been serving our community for just shy of 30 years. We maintain happy customers and provide expert service with friendly technicians and top notch patented products and industry leading equipment. We value your opinion, and want to hear about your experience. Please call us any time for service related questions or concerns and drop by Yelp and let us know about your experience with our team.

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Carpet Cleaning Deal & Reviews On Our Offer

Air Fresh Chem-Dry is currently offering a deal on upholstery cleaning (up to 8 ft sunthetic sofa) and one room of carpet deep cleaning  up to 200 sq ft for just $99.00 plus a $10 service charge. We are offering this deal because we know the value of our service and want our customers to try out not just carpet cleaning and not just upholstery cleaning, but both! This is a savings of over 60%.

Read some of our customer reviews on this particular deal!

“Air Fresh Chem-Dry brought back the life to my dingy sofa and the deep carpet cleaning dried in just 2 hours, I was so impressed!” – Annette L. in Riverside, CA

“My living room was in bad shape and I kept putting my sofa cleaning off, now they are both clean and sanitized, they look and smell fresh and clean” Alex R. in Corona, CA

“The Master Bedroom was the worst it has ever been, I left my two dogs in there for a party and the oils and hair became more than I can handle, and the futon in there was covered in dog hair. Now it smells clean in my room and I can sleep in there without sneezing or coughing. I added an anti allergen treatment that has been a life saver. I am so pleased with the outcome” Crystal C. in Mission Viejo, CA

“Best deep cleaning I have ever had. Guys were so friendly and detailed. My sofa and loft look fantastic!” Blair P. in Brea, CA

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Review Us On Angies List

Angie’s List is a great place to post a review about our service. Click the image and tell us and others about your experience. We have an A rating because we do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

Read Unbiased Consumer Reviews Online at
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One Of Many Great Reasons To Choose Us

As many of you already know you get what you pay for. Here at Air Fresh Chem-Dry we aim to deliver the best possible carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning service the industry has to offer, and we cherry pick our crew members! This is to insure that you will have a trustworthy person in your home. Not only do we want to make sure that you are comfortable with the professionally trained carpet cleaner but we want to make sure you are safe with them in your home. Obviously, this not a guarantee but by taking the extra steps that we do we have not had any issues come up in over 30 years! So when you want your carpets cleaned be sure to call Air Fresh Chem-Dry!

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The Benefits of Carpeting

Carpets are more comfortable

Carpeting provides thermal resistance, or R-value. In warmer climates or seasons, it insulates your floor so that the cold air can’t escape, which also helps you conserve energy. Carpets also provide comfort when walking and can be a nice place to lay, play or sit.

Carpets Improve Indoor Air Quality

New carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice available. It actually acts as a passive air filter, trapping dust, pollen and other particles and removing them from the breathing zone. Studies have shown that people with asthma and allergy problems have seen symptoms improve with carpet.

Carpets Reduce Noise

Big screen TVs, speaker phones, computers and modern sound systems make our homes noisy places. Carpet helps absorb these sounds. Adding a cushion pad beneath your carpet reduces noise even further. Carpet also works as a sound barrier between floors by helping to block sound transmission to rooms below. And carpet on stairs helps mask the sound of constant foot traffic.

*the information in this article was provided by the carpet and rug institutes website.

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Harsh Soaps and Residue

The Natural is the premier cleaning solution used by Only Chem-Dry. It contains no soapy detergent residues or harsh chemicals like many other carpet cleaners out there do. Though many people for years (in the 50′s) used steam carpet cleaners – times they have changed. Now you can use a green carpet cleaning solution to have your carpets cleaned that leaves behind no chemically engineered soap residue or harsh chemicals. The Chem-Dry process also uses just a small fraction of the water that all of the other carpet cleaners do. So your carpets won’t be wet for days instead they will dry, fresh and clean in just 1-2 hours!

Harsh Soapy Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Many carpet cleaners use harsh chemical or soapy carpet cleaning solutions. These solutions: can cause allergic reactions, can be toxic if digested by your children or pets, can leave a soapy residue behind in your carpets that actually makes your freshly cleaned carpet a magnet for dirt, dust, and bacteria in your carpets. In addition, most of these carpet cleaning solutions need a lot more water to remove both the soapy solution and the dirt it is supposed to be removing.

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Stain Fighting

Fighting Stains in your Carpet

Better for your carpet. Better for your home. Better for your family

Chem-Dry’s unique Protectants are designed to put franchise owners at the lead in the industry on performance, profitability, convenience, and customer satisfaction. PowerGuard and Repel work through co-application during the cleaning process to coat the entire carpet fiber.

Competitor products simply sit on the top of the fiber, giving very little coverage against spills and spots.


Over time, factory applied protectants wear off, leaving carpets more susceptible to stains. To defend against spots and spills, apply Protectant every time you clean.


Studies show that protected carpet stays cleaner three times longer than non-protected carpet. Protectant makes regular vacuuming more efficient, leaving the home healthier.


Give customers the peace of mind that when the occassional spill happens, Chem-Dry’s Protectant helps defend their home against permanent damage.

Customers Trust the Experts at Chem-Dry!

Better Products. Better Processes. Better Service.

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Whats Getting Into Your Carpet?

As many of you realize anything you bring into your home will end up in your homes biggest filter – your carpet. What many of you don’t realize is that the easiest way to keep the dirt, dust, grime, bacteria and allergens out of your home is by taking off your shoes, regularly vacuuming and deep cleaning your carpets.

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