Spring Cleaning Week 2012

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    Healthy Homes to Blossom During Spring Cleaning Week 2012
    Tuesday, March 20, 2012, marks the official start to Spring. For centuries, we’ve celebrated the Spring Equinox as we begin the transition from winter’s cold messes into a warmer, more active season. The deep cleaning activities that have become routine for many homeowners throughout the spring are celebrated in a week-long event: Spring Cleaning Week 2012, which starts Monday, March 19 and extends through Sunday, March 25.
    “Spring cleaning is an essential ritual as we work to maintain a healthy home,” said Ed Quinlan from Chem-Dry carpet cleaning’s headquarters. Families who don’t regularly deep clean their homes may be more susceptible to illness and allergies throughout the year.
    “This is the perfect time to get our homes in order after the stresses of winter,” Quinlan said. “There’s something very invigorating about going through and doing a comprehensive cleaning throughout the house. Whether you’re working in the kitchen, family room or bedrooms, a deep cleaning is part of getting rid of the dirt and mess that comes with winter’s weather – and preparing for a more healthy term before common seasonal allergies start.”
    Some activities are safely and easily completed by family members, other activities are best left to the professionals, he added. “Build a list and decide which activities are more routine and you can tackle on your own and which will best performed by trained experts.”
    While wiping down walls, ceiling fans and cabinets with a damp cloth can help collect dust particles so they don’t spread throughout the house, carpet cleaning is an essential part of deep cleaning the home. Because carpet surfaces catch and retain large amounts of dust in their fibers, a regular deep cleaning is core to extracting the particles that cannot be removed with vacuuming alone. Using a deep-extracting cleaning process at least once a year can be an important homecare ritual.
    Carpet care experts suggest professional cleaning to ensure carpets are properly and thoroughly cleaned. These essential cleaning components can be summarized with the acronym: WATCH, which stands for Water, Agitation, Time, Chemistry, and Heat.
    WATER: Chem-Dry, the world’s largest carpet cleaning company, uses the perfect amount of water to clean carpets with their Hot Carbonating Extraction system. Most steam cleaners can leave behind large amounts of water that can become a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Less water means faster dry times.
    AGITATION: Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s innovative PowerHead cleaning unit applies a carbonating cleaning solution, in which the carbonating bubbles work to break loose dirt from carpet fibers and help lift them to the surface where they are whisked away by powerful vacuum extractors.
    TIME: Technicians allow the carbonating cleaning solution the proper amount of time to do its work before the rotating PowerHead extracts the water and dirt.
    CHEMISTRY: With a strong commitment to home health, Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s core cleaner is an innovative, green solution called The Natural. So, homeowner’s don’t have to worry about dirt-attracting residues or surfactants being left behind – a common complaint among generic carpet cleaning customers. Spring cleaning doesn’t mean you have to use harsh chemicals – research the best companies and products to ensure that your home stays safe for the family, said Quinlan.
    HEAT: Finally, the heated cleaning solution provides a deeper cleaning process, for a comprehensive clean that delights customers, Quinlan commented. “Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction process was designed with the family’s health in mind,” he added.
    The smell of a freshly cleaned house represents the begin of the transition from winter to spring. From the floor up, having a fresh feeling and fresh smelling home is confirmation that your house is ready for the new season.
    “People are ready for the official end to Winter,” said Quinlan. “Even in areas where the winter was uncommonly mild, folks are ready to remove as much of the dirt and grime that gets brought into the house as they can.”
    With more than 2,200 Chem-Dry franchises throughout the United States and more than 4,000 franchises worldwide, Chem-Dry is the industry leader in carpet cleaning innovations. For more information on how to make your home healthy this spring season, please contact Air Fresh Chem-Dry at www.airfreshchemdry.com or call 1-888-797-0777.

    21 Tips for Spring Cleaning
    Spring Cleaning Week

    Spring Cleaning Week starts Monday, March 19, 2012. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can help!

    Day 1

    1. Develop a Plan
      1. Spring Cleaning can feel like a daunting task. Take a few minutes to create a plan. #CLEAN
        1. Develop a Plan. Spring Cleaning can feel like a daunting task, Take a few minutes to create a plan. First, make a list of each room in your home, be sure to include mudrooms, laundry rooms, large closets and bathrooms. Then, a list of key outdoor spaces and areas, including any flower beds that may need cleaning up after the fall or patio areas that may require some attention. Then, list all your Spring Cleaning activities. Depending on your situation, the list may be much more than a single weekend’s activities – or even an entire week. So, consider a timeframe that ensures your Spring Cleaning gets done as soon as reasonable – so you’ll be ready for warm weather. Consider hiring some larger activities, such as carpet cleaning, out to the professionals. www.airfreshchemdry.com
    2. Prioritize
      1. There’s so much to clean in Spring Cleaning Week! Prioritize with basics first. #CLEAN
        1. Prioritize Your Spring Cleaning Activities. Does the ritual of Spring Cleaning stress you out? Think you have too much to do? Every major project, like Spring Cleaning, is easily accomplished with a simple plan and prioritization. Be sure to accomplish some big wins easy on. Call the experts to schedule your key annual spring services, such as tile cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. These scheduled activities will ensure that your projects continue on the path to a fresh and healthy home. Start with common areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and family rooms – then advance into bedrooms and closets. Get everyone in the family involved – and a big project becomes light work.    www.airfreshchemdry.com
    3. Organize as You Go
      1. Organize your home during Spring Cleaning Week! #CLEAN
        1. Spring Cleaning Week means more than just wiping areas down, but also includes sorting and organizing your items to facilitate a clean and organized home throughout the spring and into the summer. As you move from room to room in the home, consider where is the proper place for items as you clean them. In the kitchen, as you clean out cabinets and drawers, be sure to sort out and discard broken tools, reorganize drawers and areas where it’s hard to find items. A few extra minutes in organization now – as you clean – the easier it will be in the future to maintain a clean and healthy home. From fridge to closets, the organization of your home is almost as important as its cleanliness as you work to have a healthy and safe home environment. Create a home of order and health.  www.airfreshchemdry.com

    Day 2

    1. Inside the Home
      1. Spring Cleaning Week means deep cleaning from room to room. #CLEAN
        1. A healthy home starts in its heart – the family room and kitchen areas. As you celebrate Spring Cleaning Week, consider the benefits of having your tile floors, upholstery and furniture, area rugs, and carpets deep cleaned with Chem-Dry’s innovative processes. Trust the experts at Chem-Dry to help you complete a deep cleaning inside your home.  www.airfreshchemdry.com
    2. Ceilings
      1. Don’t forget what’s above you this Spring Cleaning Week!  #CLEAN
        1. Spring Cleaning requires attention to details – and getting surfaces cleaned throughout the entire home. Don’t forget to replace any burned out light bulbs, to wipe out the insides of bowl-light fixtures, and to wipe down the fan blades on your ceiling fans. Do you have high ceilings that you didn’t notice? Cobwebs and dust can collect on slanted surfaces – so consider extension tools that will let you reach high to remove any cobwebs. Unique feather and synthetic dusters can help you reach those hard-to-reach areas. Visit your local hardware store. And, once that dust is collected on the floor, be sure to vacuum. And, since vacuums aren’t able to deep clean your carpets, call Chem-Dry to schedule a deep cleaning service with Hot Carbonating Extraction. www.airfreshchemdry.com
    3. Walls
      1. Walls need wiping too! Celebrate National Spring Cleaning Week. #CLEAN
        1. A damp rag with a gentle cleaning agent can help provide a fresh and vibrant scent to your home. Not only does dust collect on walls, but it also can collect in your carpets, deep down where vacuuming alone can’t remove it. Consider adding Chem-Dry to your list of annual Spring Cleaning rituals – so carpets and upholstery can get cleaned as well. Fortunately, Chem-Dry uses a green cleaning solution called The Natural – so it’s safe for kids and pets! Wiping walls and getting your carpets cleaned is essential for families who suffer from allergies and other illnesses. www.airfreshchemdry.com

    Day 3

    1. Kitchen – visible surfaces
      1. The kitchen gets a Spring Cleaning update! Deep clean those countertops daily. #CLEAN
        1. In addition to your daily wipe-down of your kitchen countertops, use an ultra-deep cleanser from time to time – to ensure your surfaces are clean and safe. Since countertops come in a wide variety of surfaces, contact your
    2. Kitchen – hidden surfaces
    3. Kitchen – Fridge

    Day 4

    1. Family Spaces
    2. Bedrooms
    3. Closets

    Day 5

    1. Floors – Carpets
    2. Floors – Tile
    3. Floors – Hardwood

    Day 6

    1. Floors – Area Rugs
    2. Prepare for a Season of Transition
    3. Outside / Yard

    Day 7

    1. Garage – Autos
    2. Health & a Healthy Attitude
    3. Get Everyone Involved
      1. Remember Goodwill
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