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    Air Fresh Chem-Dry

    In the early evening, your eye will often catch the dust particles floating through the room, made visible by the setting sun. Have you ever wondered where those particles land?

    Carpets are your friend – large hidden filters. The carpets, rugs, upholstery and draperies in your home act as filters for these dust particles. With the extreme heat, drought and flooding that have ravaged the country this last summer, these in-home ‘filters’ are typically full of dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens.

    You may be surprised to learn that the answer is not to replace your carpeting with a hard surface (such as wood floors). Carpet is considered to be a healthier flooring option than wood because it also serves as a filter, trapping dirt and allergens. Those particles would otherwise bounce off the hard, non-absorbent surfaces back into the circulating air of your home. Regular cleanings of your carpets, rugs and upholstery are what will help remove all of that collected dust, dirt and allergens – and enable them to continue to serve as healthy filters for your home.

    How Often Should I Clean?

    The EPA recommends that carpets and covered areas of the home be cleaned as often as every two to three months. If carpets are  your home’s hidden filters, trapping and  eliminating the spread of dirt around your home, it is important to care for those filters with routine extraction.  Just as we care for our cars, a regular cleaning schedule is key – kind of like a routine oil change – but for carpets.

    Why Chem-Dry?

    The power of carbonation is what separates a Chem-Dry cleaning from all of the other carpet cleaners, nearly all of whom use steam cleaning. Chem-Dry has been at the forefront of the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry for over three decades. Chem-Dry uses a proprietary Hot Carbonating Extraction process with Green Certified solutions and innovative equipment for a deeper, healthier cleaning. And since Chem-Dry’s process uses a fraction of the moisture that traditional steam cleaners use, your carpets will dry faster – in hours rather than days.

    Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

    What does it mean to me?

    The fact that Chem-Dry uses 80% less water than steam cleaners means that we’re not only better for the environment, but carpets dry faster and remain healthier. Steam cleaning uses an immense amount of soapy water at high pressure that gets deep into the carpet fibers. When carpets are soaked through to the carpet backing and even to the floor, they can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew and bacteria. Steam cleaning also leaves behind a sticky residue on the surface of the carpet, which attracts more dirt and creates the need for more frequent cleanings. Chem-Dry’s core cleaning solution, the Natural®, is Certified Green by ITC Labs as environmentally friendly and non-toxic, making it safe for kids and pets. Chem-Dry is continuously working toward industry-leading advancements in Green carpet cleaning. Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is part of our mission to provide all people with a cleaner and healthier living environment.

    As seasonal traffic through your home picks up, be sure to care for your hidden filters. Schedule a Chem-Dry professional cleaning today and ensure the health of your home, your family, and our world. Please call us with any questions about how we can help you maximize your home’s health.

    The Seal of High Quality

    The Carpet and Rug Institute’s Platinum Seal of Approval has been awarded to Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction System

    Customer Corner

    “There is nothing like the feeling of clean — especially with your carpet cleaning experts. I trust your professionalism and the earth-friendly products that’s strong enough to fight dirt and grime yet safe for my kids and dog.” – Joanna Larsen,

    My dog chewed three acrylic paint bottles, red, blue, and yellow that got all over my living room carpet. I called and they came out in 30 minutes. Russell removed the spots and literally saved my carpet and my dog from getting kicked out by my husband because he would have been livid if he saw it. Air Fresh Chem Dry saved my carpets! Kanella, Sage Temecula, CA

    Very happy with service and results and the young men who did the work were great and very helpful in answering any questions.John, Brea, CA

    I have used Air Fresh Chem-Dry for over 10 years. I was just recently serviced for the holidays and upon speaking to the technician we discussed how important referrals are and testimonials from customers. So I have decided to tell all, how great this company really is. The representatives on the phones are very knowledgeable and friendly, the service men are a delight. They have such great attitudes and professionalism, it truly is wonderful knowing that the people who come out make a honest effort to do their best and make my carpets look great, all with being polite, friendly and knowledgeable. Its important to distinguish between good and bad companies, and this company is remarkable! My email is available to anyone who has any questions for me. I will be posting my experiences with all companies I use out there for anything I do because its important people know the good from the bad. Again, this company is FANTASTIC!S. A., Tustin, CA

    Just had the carpets cleaned for my aunt for Christmas. They did such a great job. Looks great.. on time very professional and the cleaners were very friendly. Brenda, Yorba Linda, CA

    These guys rock. My mom has a 20 year-old mint green carpet which, frankly, stank. Her two lazy dogs refuse to go outside to potty if the ground is wet. Or if the gardener is there. Or if the neighbor dogs are barking. Or if its Arbor Day. You get the picture. Having had a very bad experience with a cheapo soap-and-water carpet cleaner previously (watch the spots you thought were gone magically reappear thanks to soap residue!), mom chose these guys. They apparently have a special carpet cleaning system that results in not sucking. Granted, mom’s carpet was originally a good expensive one, but when they were done it not only once again looked it, the smell was gone. Mom’s used the same company something like three times in the last couple years (stupid dogs), and each team of guys has been courteous and friendly, and willing to do a little extra in the face of mom’s helpless old lady act. Linda R., Fullerton, CA

    I have had my carpets cleaned by Air Fresh Chem Dry on many occasions. Ive had other companies out there, and they are by far the best Chem Dry I have had. I continuously choose this company because of the excellent service they offer. Their service men have great attitudes and training. I am always happy with each service and have a couple guys I request. Overall experience every time I use them is 5 Stars! I highly recommend them! Sandy A., Corona, CA

    Great company, great service, good prices. Did a sofa and 4 Rooms. I got a package price and it looks really good. Nice friendly guys who came out, even left me a free bottle of spot cleaner. I read the reviews online before I picked them to make sure they were a good company. Now I can review and say they are really really good.Olivia, Ontario, CA

    I have had a lot of companies service me, and Air Fresh is by far the best I have ever had. Great workmanship and customer service. Crystal, Lake Forest, CA

    I used them for my apartment in Riverside, then bought a home in Lake Elsinore, the carpets on both properties came out fantastic. Each crew was great to work with and I have them come out every 3 months. I wouldn’t ever use another company.Becca, Riverside, CA

    The best company in the inland empire! I have never found such a great carpet cleaner like Air Fresh Chem Dry.Mrs. G, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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