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Smoke Smell & Chemicals In Carpets & Rugs

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to healthy problems. But did you know that smoking in homes can be hazardous to your health even after the cigarettes are put out? People would be a lot more likely to enforce strict … Continue reading

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Is There Bacteria Living In Your Carpet? How To Remove Unwanted Bacteria!

Bacteria is dangerous, does it lurk in your carpet? Vacuum Cleaners – Are They Really Clean? Many people vacuum their carpets to remove dirt or small mishaps. Sometimes carpets are vacuumed, because the assumption is they seem fresh afterwards. But … Continue reading

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What Is Living In Your Carpet?

What Is Living In Your Carpet? Think your carpet is clean? Think again. This infographic will open your mind and show you just how dirty your house is. Did you know your carpet collects 40 pounds of dust per year? … Continue reading

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