Do you think your carpet stains are permanent?

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    Carpets come in all colors ranging from light to dark. Light colored carpets show stains more so than darker colored carpets. But if carpets are protected with factory applied protection, then you have a really good chance at removing just about any stain. Protectants are not bullet proof though, some stains can be permanent. It is important to know the difference between permanent carpet stains and stains that have impregnated the carpet fibers but can be removed.

    Red nail polish spill on carpet

    Stains that come from bleach for example are permanent unless dye is put back into the carpet. Bleach removes and strips out the factory applied dye in the carpet, so unless dye is put back in, that type of stain can be permanent. But, if in an inconspicuous area, we can (in most cases) can do a type of repair called a “cut and plug”. By calling 1-866-384-7474, a friendly representative can provide a estimate for that type of service.

    Stains consisting of dyes, such as fruit punch, nail polish, juice, food and drink spills, grease, oil, make up and so many more – are in most cases removable by an Air Fresh Chem-Dry technician. If you have stains that you thought were permanent and want removed, called us today for more information or a free estimate on stain removal service.

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