Study Proves that Chem-Dry Removes Allergens and Bacteria

Chem-Dry Removes Allergens and Bacteria

What people are saying about Chem-Dry allergen removal

Carpets, area rugs and upholstery (furniture) all act as a giant filter, trapping allergens and bacteria and keeping them out of the air we breathe. But, just like an air filter over time  the filter needs to be cleaned. This is especially important for the roughly 60 million Americans (1 in 5 Americans) living with allergies or asthma. You can ensure healthier indoor air in your home by keeping your carpets clean and in good condition through regular vacuuming and having your carpets, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned every 4 – 6 months to rid your home of common allergens and bacteria. Cleaning is even more important at those times of the year that you can’t have your windows open and it may need to be done more frequently at those times of the year.

Tested and Proven Results

Removing Allergens from Your California Home or Business

We are all, impacted by indoor air quality and the amount of allergens and bacteria trapped in our homes and businesses. Considering that and the fact that we spend an average of 90% of our time indoors, professional carpet cleaning serves an important function in the health of your family and employees.

However, not all carpet cleaning services are alike. To find out how big an impact a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can have on how healthy your indoor space is, we thought it would be helpful to measure how effective the Chem-Dry cleaning process is in eliminating unhealthy and unwanted elements from your home. So we commissioned a leading independent air quality laboratory to conduct a study using Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process in multiple homes. The lab found that Chem-Dry removes an average of 98.1% of common household allergens from the carpets and upholstery we clean. The common allergens we tested include cat and dog dander and dust mite allergen.

Removing Bacteria, Improving Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is a significant in home health concern because the average home or business in California has about 200,000 bacteria for every square inch of carpet. As the bacteria builds up, the bacteria lurking in your carpets gets stirred up and circulates in the air your family is breathing unless you clean it. Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning process is not only effective at removing the bacteria from the carpets we clean, but they can also improve the air quality in your home. The same leading independent air quality laboratory found that, by adding sanitizer to our HCE carpet cleaning process, Chem-Dry removed an average of 89% of the bacteria in the air and 82.3% of the bacteria from carpets.

Air Fresh Chem-Dry wants you to breathe easier about the healthfulness of your home and your family. Whether you suffer from allergies or asthma or you just want to provide the healthiest home for your family, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning can help you remove the allergens and bacteria hiding in your home and improve your indoor air quality. Because Chem-Dry cleans for your health like no other carpet cleaner.

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Carpet Cleaning Done Right

With hundreds of ways to clean your carpet many of you may be asking what is so special about Air Fresh Chem-Dry?

  • Air fresh Chem-Dry is family owned and operated, we try to treat every customer as if they are a new member of our family.
  • All our lead technicians are trained and certified to use our equipment and stain removers.
  • All of our technicians are put through a rigorous scanning process. We know we are letting them in your home and we strive to take away any worry you may have.
  • Because Air Fresh Chem-Dry is one of the largest Chem-Dry franchises in not just California or the united states but the world we are able to charge less and we do.
  • Air Fresh Chem-Dry does everything they can do to protect the environment, starting with their certified green cleaning solution all they way to trying to save paper by using modern technologies to save paper!
  • Air Fresh Chem-Dry believes in giving back and they fully support breast cancer with their cleaning for the cause campaign!

If these reasons don’t impress you just wait till you see how clean Air Fresh Chem-Dry can get your residential or commercial carpets, rugs, upholstery, tile & grout!

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Cleaning the Red Carpet at the 2013 Hollywood Christmas Parade!

Air Fresh Chem-Dry was privileged not only to clean the red carpet for the 2012 Hollywood Christmas Parade but they did such a good job they were asked to clean it again this year for the 2013 Hollywood Christmas Parade! Click the photo bellow to see more photos or learn more about Air Fresh Chem-Dry!

Air Fresh Chem-Dry carpet Cleaning Cleaning the red carpets at the 2013 Holly Christmas Parade

Click for MORE photos

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Moving Into A New Home?

The Uncleanable Carpet By Air Fresh Chem-Dry

Are you moving into a new home that previous residents lived in? Carpet cleaning tends to be one of the first things people do when moving into a new property. For a fresh start in your new home, start with a clean, healthy carpets. Air Fresh Chem-Dry uses a unique carbonated process to deliver a deeper, longer lasting clean for your carpets, area rugs, and upholstered furniture. And with a green-certified solution that is safe and non-toxic for kids and pets, we’ll leave your home healthier.. and you much happier. And one of the best benefits of choosing Air Fresh Chem-Dry for professional carpet cleaning, carpets dry in 1-2 hours in most cases. Even the dirtiest carpets are no match for us. Don’t waste your money by replacing it just because it is heavily soiled, choose the friendly professionals with the best name in town to save your carpets which saves you money!

So for a fast dry carpet cleaning & healthy carpet cleaning, call 1-866-384-7474 today.

If previous pets were living inside the property and had contact with the carpeting, chances are there could be dander, bacteria, pet urine or other bodily fluids in the carpet and or padding. General carpet cleanings (even deep cleanings) do not always do the trick. Carpets should be sanitized to kill bacteria and germs. If there are pet odors from pet oils, then a deep cleaning with Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonated Extraction along with a sanitizer-deodorizer will do the trick. If there is pet urine odor in the carpet, then Air Fresh Chem-Dry can provide relief using P.U.R.T. which is a process that kills the two types of bacteria that cause pet urine odor growth. You can read more about P.U.R.T.

Stains and spots? No problem. They are no match for our arsenal of products. Stains of all kinds such as make-up, Hawaiian punch, wine, ink, tar, grease, food and drink spills, plant stains, coffee, tea, nail polish and much more can be removed with one of many of our fine line of stain removal products.

Call today for a free estimate and any scheduling inquiries at 1-866-384-7474. Our friendly representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have about carpet cleaning or any of our other amazing cleaning services in southern California.

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Do you think your carpet stains are permanent?

Carpets come in all colors ranging from light to dark. Light colored carpets show stains more so than darker colored carpets. But if carpets are protected with factory applied protection, then you have a really good chance at removing just about any stain. Protectants are not bullet proof though, some stains can be permanent. It is important to know the difference between permanent carpet stains and stains that have impregnated the carpet fibers but can be removed.

Red nail polish spill on carpet

Stains that come from bleach for example are permanent unless dye is put back into the carpet. Bleach removes and strips out the factory applied dye in the carpet, so unless dye is put back in, that type of stain can be permanent. But, if in an inconspicuous area, we can (in most cases) can do a type of repair called a “cut and plug”. By calling 1-866-384-7474, a friendly representative can provide a estimate for that type of service.

Stains consisting of dyes, such as fruit punch, nail polish, juice, food and drink spills, grease, oil, make up and so many more – are in most cases removable by an Air Fresh Chem-Dry technician. If you have stains that you thought were permanent and want removed, called us today for more information or a free estimate on stain removal service.

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Chem-Dry Can Clean Your Yacht or Boat

Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s amazing cleaning technicians in Huntington Beach and Newport Beach, CA can clean your boat or yacht’s interior for you. Our staff is able to not only bring your area rugs, furniture and carpets back to life, but we can use all of our same green cleaning products on your favorite toys in Newport beach & Huntington Beach, CA.

Click to learn more about the amazing Chem-Dry cleaners in Huntington Beach, CA & Chem-Dry carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, CA

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Air Fresh Chem-Dry on Google +

Are you looking for your favorite Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchise on Google+? Look no further just follow this LINK

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Protection for a Fun Fall

Oktoberfest is just around the corner and football season is already here, which means friends and family will be over more often. Air Fresh Chem-Dry has the perfect gift to keep your wife happy – Chem-Dry carpet protectant! With Chem-Dry’s carpet protectant all of the accidental spills and stains can usually just be blotted up with a towel and in some of the worse cases you may have to call Chem-Dry to come and remove the stain but it is much more likely to come out. So whether you are in Riverside or Huntington Beach call Air Fresh Chem-Dry today and schedule an appointment for them to come out and protect your carpets from your foolish friends.

Learn more about the wonderful protecants offered by Air Fresh Chemdry

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Smoke Smell & Chemicals In Carpets & Rugs

Everyone knows that smoking can lead to healthy problems. But did you know that smoking in homes can be hazardous to your health even after the cigarettes are put out? People would be a lot more likely to enforce strict no-smoking bans in their homes if they understood that thirdhand smoke- the residue of more than 250 toxins left behind after a cigarette is put out- lingers and poses healthy risks, especially to babies and young children.

There is no such thing as safe exposure levels for cigarette smoke, including the stuff that sticks around in walls, carpets, curtains, toys, furniture and even the smokers hair and clothing long after a cigarette or pipe has been put out. Smoking cigarettes makes up about 30% of all cancer deaths and ups your risk of cancers of the mouth, nasal passages, larynx, throat, esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, and cervix. This study shows that the threat of invisible gunk containing lead, arsenic, and hundreds of other contaminants left behind by cigarette smoke is a powerful convincer to kick the habit.

A particularly dramatic fact about thirdhand smoke: Babies and toddlers are particularly vulnerable. In fact, babies can take in up to 20 times more thirdhand smoke than adults do. “Young children ingest twice as much house dust than adults,” Winickoff explains. “They’re on the floor, they breathe faster, and they’re mouthing everything they can, ingesting this toxic layer that’s been deposited.” Children are at an increased risk from the effects because their brains are still developing, and even low levels of cigarette smoke neurotoxins can have adverse consequences says Jonathan Winickoff, MD, MPH, at the Center for Child and Adolescent Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, whose study on the subject was published in the journal Pediatrics. (Information from Air Fresh Chem-Dry can help rid carpets, rugs and furniture of smoke smells and their toxins. Our professional deep cleaning equipment extracts deeper down without using any chemicals or added toxins like steam cleaning or shampooing. Our organic mineral bath type cleaning process will leave your carpets, rugs and furniture healthy and safe for your babies, kids and pets. Let Air Fresh Chem-Dry remove those nasty chemicals and toxins today. Call us at 1-866-384-7474 for a free estimate and scheduling needs.

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Is There Bacteria Living In Your Carpet? How To Remove Unwanted Bacteria!

Bacteria is dangerous, does it lurk in your carpet?

Vacuum Cleaners – Are They Really Clean?

Many people vacuum their carpets to remove dirt or small mishaps. Sometimes carpets are vacuumed, because the assumption is they seem fresh afterwards. But did you know that there are allergens, mold spores, bacteria and sometimes viruses living in your carpet fibers? If your kids or pets love to play on the carpet or if you want a healthier and cleaner home, we have provided some helpful information and tips on keeping some of these germs and pollutants out. Vacuuming is great, but did you know that your vacuum cleaner may be one of the dirtiest things in your home? Microbiologists have identified air blown from a running vacuum cleaner as one of the five places in the home that has the highest number of germs. Other places include dish sponges, washing machines, bathroom toilets during a flush and kitchen trash cans. Prevent your home from having a germ filled vacuum by cleaning it out regularly, clean out filters and brushes and sanitize them with a sanitary wipe.

Allergy Sufferers

Are there allergy sufferers in your home? If you have pets then these facts may interest you. According to studies published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, scientific journal to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAA&I) up to 10% of the general population and 40% of allergic individuals react to cats and dogs. Allergy to cats is twice as common as allergy to dogs. In most areas around the country approximately 50% of homes will have a dog or cat living indoors. Many of the homes where there is no pet living inside still contain enough dander to cause an allergic reaction. Dander and old skin scales come from underneath pets fur which is similar to dandruff in humans. These allergens are extremely tiny like dust or powder but will circulate in the air and cling to drapery, mattresses, wall coverings, furniture, area rugs and carpets. Dogs saliva and urine are potential sources of allergens as well. They are deposited on the furn through licking and urination. When hair dries the microscopic particles flake off and become airborne which trigger symptoms that characterize allergies to pets. Cats produce another major type of allergen called Fel d 1. This is deposited on the fur from sebaceous glands of the skin and their saliva when cats lick themselves to clean.

Pet Urine in your carpets?

Pet urine contains not one source of bacteria but two! Gross right? Inevitably, if you have a pet, at some point there will be an accident made on your carpets or area rugs. But what happens once that accident occurs? The cat or dogs urine travels into the carpet fibers, down through the jute of the carpet and straight down into the padding below. Now, this is where things start to get stinky. Because the urine is trapped in the padding which is essentially sponge, it festers and bacteria starts to grow rapidly. Odor sources begin to grow which is a sign there is a significant problem. To correct this problem requires professional carpet cleaners. First, the urine must be removed from the carpet and padding. Sometimes the tackstrip  also needs to be replaced as well if it has been infected. Not all carpet cleaners can treat pet urine in carpet and their odors completely. Chem-Dry uses an all Natural and organic cleansing treatment to remove both sources of pet urine odor called P.U.R.T. Call Air Fresh Chem-Dry today if you have pet stains, pet urine odor or pet damage. Professionals are the only cure for this problem and is typically 1/3 the cost of carpet replacement.


When an allergy specialist tests a patient and finds an allergic reaction to animal dander and the patient owns a pet, the doctor has the difficult task of making it clear that the patient will have allergic reactions as long as the pet remains in the home. Most doctors know that family pets often win out and remain in the home, so the doctor can only suggest the best ways to live with the pet. Often their suggestions are the most practical advice and should be heeded. That advice varies, but there are some common themes: Don’t allow the pet into your bedroom; run a HEPA air cleaner in your bedroom; wipe the cat down with a treatment or shampoo your dog; use a HEPA vacuum cleaner and a high efficiency furnace filter. As well, professional carpet cleaners, upholstery cleaners, area rug cleaners and air duct cleaning companies are key to keeping a home healthy and clean. Air Fresh Chem-Dry can deep clean your carpets, rid homes of dust mites and dander, as well as pet urine and bacteria. Call 1-866-384-7474 today for your professional in home cleaning. .

More about ridding your home of animal dander.

Because pet dander, especially cat dander, is small and sticky it adheres to everything – floors and carpets, walls, furniture, lamp shades, even ceilings. In order to remove it, every part of your home should be vacuumed with a true HEPA vacuum cleaner. If you have hard surface floors, they should be mopped weekly. If you install a high efficiency furnace filter, like 3M’s Ultra Allergen, you should leave your furnace fan running by setting the fan to “on” rather than “auto”. Regular use of Quick Bath Pet Wipes to remove pet dander and soften your pet’s skin will help keep pet dander from getting airborne. Finally, run a true HEPA air cleaner in your bedroom to remove airborne dander. The best way to prevent carpets, rugs and furniture from having bacteria, dander and allergens in your home is to have a clean and sanitized vacuum cleaner with a vacuuming regimen. As well, hire professionals every 6 months up to 1 year for professional carpet cleanings, upholstery cleaning, tile cleanings and area rug cleanings. Have your home deep cleaned and sanitized for optimum results. As well, mattresses should be cleaned frequently as well and dust mite anti allergen treatments can help kill dander, dust mites and their eggs. The professionals at Air Fresh Chem-Dry are here to help!

Air Fresh Chem-Dry: The Preferred Choice for Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Area Rug Cleaning & Healthy Home Clean Ups.

Call 1-866-384-7474 today!

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