Area Rug Cleaning & Oriental Rug Care Services

Area Rug Cleaning & Oriental Rug Care Services

area rug cleaning Area rugs can be a great addition to any décor or a room, however both area or oriental rugs are usually placed in heavily trafficked areas and can become dirty quickly. Area Rug Cleaning done by Air Fresh Chem-Dry can bring the vibrancy of your area rugs back to its original luster. Our technicians are professionally trained in Oriental Rug Cleaning, and can clean practically any rug and bring it to looking as close to new as when you first made the investment of the beautiful addition to your home or office. Air Fresh Chem-Dry will promise your rug will stay cleaner, longer, because our cleaning products do not leave sticky dirt-attracting residue that other rug cleaners in your area may use – like soaps and detergents. The all natural cleaning solution Air Fresh Chem-dry uses is non-toxic and biodegradable, it is even safe for kids and  pets. Our Platinum Seal of Approval can assure you that you will get the best available cleaning that is also green. Also, an application of Chem-Dry Protectant, your rugs will have a fighting chance against accidents and spills. Call the expert rug cleaners at  Air Fresh Chem-Dry at 1-866-384-7474 to secure a deep-cleaned rug.

Area Rug Cleaning

We clean all types of area rugs including both handmade and machine made wool, cotton, silk, leather, sisal and sea grass to name a few. We have a fully equipped facility with drying room’s immersion pits and dusting facilities. Pet urine on rugs is one of our specialties. FREE PICK UP and DELIVERY. Minimum charges apply.

Area Rug Cleaning Process

1. First, we inspect the rug’s material, condition, stains and soiling to determine best cleaning method for your rug.

2. Then, we perform a procedure called Particulate Soil Evacuation. This process uses the power of compressed air. Some people refer to this process as Air Washing. This process removes dust and other particles that otherwise cannot be removed by vacuuming alone

3. Next, we pre-treat stains and other heavily soiled areas, making sure to lightly agitate them afterward to loosen the soil and stains.

4. Then, we conduct a soft water treatment which deeply washes your delicate area rug with powerful yet safe cleaning solutions. This flushes out soils and contaminants. Once we have treated your area rug with our patented solutions, we then rinse it over again until it is clean

5. Then, we professionally clean and brighten your rug’s fringes, all by hand.

6. Finally, we allow your area rug to air-dry until it is sufficient for home usage again. We use special air movers and de-humidifiers to efficiently dry your area rug and ensure that they remain at peak condition.

Area rugs can be cleaned at your home or they can be brought back to our facility. If they are cleaned at your home, we prepare the area and use special methods to protect your floor and your furniture

Authentic Gentle Washing for Fine Textiles

area rug cleaning
Not only are your oriental and fine area rugs a great addition to any space, they are also a priceless investment. That’s why we are sure to pay attention to every detail while cleaning. Air Fresh Chem-Dry uses professional equipment designed specifically for your area rugs that utilizes the basic elements of air and naturally carbonated water ensuring a safer area rug cleaning. Our cleaning process is gentle yet effective. To preserve the dye within the fibers of your rug, we have achieved a special drying technique, which also will minimize wicking in the rug as well. This technique leaves your rug not only clean, but as vibrant and colorful as the day you bought it.

Following the centuries old process of rug cleaning in the Middle East, where some of the finest quality rugs originate, our 5 star certified technicians are experts in evaluating and executing the best process for cleaning. Our process includes everything from a pre-spray cleaner and a gentle submersion bath to a professional drying and fringe cleaning. Prior to the rinse bath, a special method for removing urine damage (if necessary) will assure your rugs complete rehabilitation.

Trust the Certified Area Rug Experts

area rug cleaning
Air Fresh Chem-Dry your trusted Oriental Area Rug Cleaner, ensures your rugs are carefully handled and cleaned only by our certified, trained specialists. To establish the safest and most effective method of cleaning your priceless rug, our technicians are experts in area cleaning and perform a thorough evaluation. Whether it needs to be cleaned in your home or at our professional facility, you can be assured your rug will accomplish optimum results.

Since there is a wide variety of materials and styles of area rugs, Air Fresh Chem-Dry will present an analysis and no-obligation quote to clean your rug. Call now to learn more

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5 whoppin stars from me! Had my house carpeting cleaned. Looks awesome!
Lisa, Laguna Niguel, CA

These guys rock. My mom has a 20 year-old mint green carpet which, frankly, stank. Her two lazy dogs refuse to go outside to potty if the ground is wet. Or if the gardener is there. Or if the neighbor dogs are barking. Or if its Arbor Day. You get the picture. Having had a very bad experience with a cheapo soap-and-water carpet cleaner previously (watch the spots you thought were gone magically reappear thanks to soap residue!), mom chose these guys. They apparently have a special carpet cleaning system that results in not sucking. Granted, mom's carpet was originally a good expensive one, but when they were done it not only once again looked it, the smell was gone. Mom's used the same company something like three times in the last couple years (stupid dogs), and each team of guys has been courteous and friendly, and willing to do a little extra in the face of mom's helpless old lady act.
Linda R., Fullerton, CA

The service was great.. The service was excellent and the technician was very helpful and conscientious.
Sandy, Murrieta, CA

First time I’ve used Chem-Dry and the crew arrived on time and the carpets dried fast. Very Happy.
Lynn , Murrieta, CA

Excellent prices and cleaning spotless!!!!! Nice people to come into your home. Air Fresh Chem Dry Trustworthy and on time! Would recommend it to everyone.
Felicia, La Mirada, CA

The best company in the inland empire! I have never found such a great carpet cleaner like Air Fresh Chem Dry.
Mrs. G, Inland Empire, CA

The crew came out and took their time to bring the life back to my carpet. They carpets dried within a few hours and looked great.
Pedro, Bellgardens, CA

I never know where to go to find a good service company. And my friend referred me to Air Fresh Chem-Dry. She has used them for 3 years and has always been very happy. I used them and I had the same experience. Great work, and the guys that came out were warm and friendly.
Edna, San Clemente, CA

I had my tile cleaned and resealed by Air Fresh Chem Dry and it looks brand new. Night and day difference. What a company! I am thrilled to say come on in to my home now. Thanks!
Todd, Villa Park, CA

Great service guys were very professional. Thank you!!
Maryanne, Temecula, CA

Just had the carpets cleaned for my aunt for Christmas. They did such a great job. Looks great.. on time very professional and the cleaners were very friendly.
Brenda, Yorba Linda, CA

5 Star Service. I would recommend this company to anyone. They cleaned my home and my mothers home, doing the most excellent job on both. The carpets look great and dried very fast. Within 2 hours we were able to walk on it, moisture free. I've never experienced that before, and having an elderly mother, it is nice to have fast drying carpets vs. leaving them wet for days. The guys who came out were very friendly and professional. I highly recommend using Air Fresh Chem-Dry.
Frank, Menifee, CA

I used Air Fresh Chem Dry on a few occassions they did a very good job. However they could get a bit pricey. Overall great service.
Shante B., Pomona, CA

Everyone should use Air Fresh Chem-Dry. I researched who I wanted to hire to come into my home, and asked many questions before scheduling. I found out they do background checks on the field men, and they go through training programs. They have not changed ownership over the years and have a A from the BBB. This company came out and did magnificant work on my home the carpets look great and they also did some tile work too. I couldnt be happier with their friendly staff and hard working professional service men.
The Branch Family, Eastvale, CA

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