Power of Carbonated Cleaners

The Secret is in the Bubbles

Chem-Dry’s cleaning secret is in it’s solution. Chem-Dry uses thousands of tiny, microscopic carbonated cleaning bubbles. Chem-Dry’s cleaning solution is called The Natural®. Reaching deep into the base of the carpet, the carbonated solution expels dirt and grime off the fibers surface. Then, using the hot water extraction, the dirty particles are lifted to the surface where they are gently removed from the carpet. Similar to the concept of using club soda to remove a stain from a shirt, the amazing cleaning power of carbonated solutions creates a powerful reaction that deep cleans carpets and upholstery in a safe and gentle way, only enhanced by the ongoing research. Chem-Dry is continually doing research, to not only improve the quality of the clean, but also to improve any minor effect it may have on the environment.

Carpets That Stay Cleaner Longer

Air Fresh Chem Dry is not your typical carpet cleaner. Unlike steam cleaning, we do not have to use large amounts of water on your carpets and upholstery because of the natural power that carbonation contains. We don’t use harsh soapy cleaning chemicals either because the bubbles do the work for us. Soapy residues attract dirt like a magnet, making your carpet dirty more quickly. That makes Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning solution a perfect choice for your carpet because it has no soaps, detergents or surfactants, making your carpet stay cleaner longer. Less frequent cleanings means more money in your pocket.

Reappearing Carpet Stains? No Problem with Air Fresh Chem-Dry

There are two reasons why stains reappear in the same place on your carpet. The first reason is because the stain was never removed to begin with. The stains resurface to the dried carpet when the stain particles are forced down below the surface of the carpet by a high pressure steam cleaning unit. Second, cleaning solutions that are used by steam cleaners can have a sticky residue that gets left behind after cleaning which attracts dirt and grime. With the use of Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s carbonated carpet cleaning solution, stains can be removed quickly and thoroughly. Because we don’t use a high pressure method of cleaning and do use our solutions sparingly, resurfacing stains are rare. However if a spot does reappear, so will we until the problem is solved.