Carpet Repairs Services

Carpet Repair Services

Power Stretching Carpets

Carpet a little lumpy lately? Wonder why that is? Well, there really is no one good explanation. Some carpets stretch continuously while others never do. If you’ve got one that likes to stretch, it should be repaired – by a professional carpet repairman. Left alone it will continue to get lumpy which makes the carpet wear out faster. Over time, you may see your carpet stretch and begin to have lumps, waves or ripples. This often happens to new carpet poorly installed. We also find that older carpets, due to various reasons, can also exhibit this condition. Not only is this rippling unattractive but it can be a tripping hazard. If you have this condition, we recommend “power stretching”. “Power stretching” is the process of pulling your carpet up along the edges and using a specialized piece of carpet repair equipment to re-stretch it back to the proper position. This simple carpet repair can extend the life and look of your carpet. A carpet that is properly stretched allows for more effective carpet cleaning. Call today for your carpet stretching evaluation and appointment with a professional carpet repair technician.

Cutting and Plugging Your Carpet

With the price of carpet these days, we all want to make sure that the carpet in our homes lasts. That’s why one of the most disheartening things that can happen is to get a stain or a burn on your carpet. However, just because your carpet has had an accident doesn’t mean you need to replace it. You may be able to patch or fix the damaged section.

If you have a stain that is deep into the fibers or covers a larger area, you’re going to need to replace the damaged section. Hopefully you still have some remnants of carpet that you saved when it was originally installed, but if you don’t, you can still get a replacement section from the back of a closet.

Remember, all carpet has a grain or texture as a result of the way it’s manufactured. Brush it one way the fibers stand up, and brush it the other the fibers seem to lay down. You want to make sure that any replacement piece you use is positioned so the grain is running the same way as the rest of the carpet. Also, we suggest that replacement pieces are less noticeable if they are cut in the shape of a triangle or a circle. Squares and rectangles somehow catch the eye.

Carpet Seam Repairs

Carpets with torn seams or frayed seams should be repaired. Our professional and certified carpet repair specialists can repair your seams to like-new conditions.

Carpet Threshold Repairs

Carpets that meet up to tile, stone or wood surfaces sometimes need threshold repairs if carpets are pulled away from or damaged at the threshold. Our repair specialists have the right tools and expertise to provide the carpeting with a nice clean threshold.

Carpet & Padding Re-Installation

If your carpets were pulled back due to pet damage or water damage and left off the tack strips, we can reinstall the carpet for you. Also, if you a carpet or padding that needs installation, our professional and carpet repair/installation staff can re-install carpets and padding.

Removing Bleach Stains From Carpets

If your carpets have bleach stains there is no way to actually remove them from your carpets by just cleaning your carpets. Bleach actually changes the color of your carpet fibers and the only fixes are to remove the area or if it is possible to we may be able to dye the area back to the original color. This is only possible about 15% of the time so you will usually need to have your carpet cut and plugged.