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Carpet Cleaning In Claremont, CAA deeper clean from Chem-Dry

It is important to find a carpet cleaner in Claremont that you can trust. For 40 years, Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaners in Claremont California have been providing the best carpet cleaning service and is ranked as the best choice for the category of home service and carpet cleaning year after year. We have professionally trained and highly skilled technicians who are certified to clean carpets, providing excellent service to every customer every time. Call the your trusted Claremont carpet cleaners at Air Fresh Chem-Dry for your carpet cleaning needs.

Hot Carbonating Extraction Carpet Cleaning

When searching for a carpet cleaner, you are looking for a number things to make sure you are making the right choice. One of the most important aspects to carpet cleaning is the results which is hard for a consumer to know without having used the company in the past. Our reputation and 40 years in the carpet cleaning industry has created the type of company that is driven by returning customers. Our results are predicated on using the industry’s most powerful extraction carpet cleaning process. Chem-Dry in Claremont offers a Hot Carbonting Extraction deep carpet cleaning process that extracts all sides of the carpet fibers, rinsing away pet stains, pet dander, allergens, pet urine, drink spills, dirt, oil, grease and much more. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning received the platinum seal of approval for its carpet cleaning equipment and solutions, which are the most advanced and greenest approach to carpet cleaning in Claremont, CA. Steam cleaners and shampooers are no match for our equipment in combination with our carpet cleaning solution and core carpet cleaning product, The Natural.

The Natural. Chem-Dry’s Organic, Safe & Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning SolutionGreen certified

We will provide the very best experience a carpet cleaner can offer using a gentle and safe product that you can trust your babies, children and pets to crawl and walk on.  Air Fresh Chem-Dry cleans carpet by harnessing the power of carbonation to extract and rinse out more dirt from your carpets, giving them the deepest clean, more so than steam cleaning or shampoo steam cleaners. The Natural, is an effervescent carbonating cleaning product that is safe enough to drink! Chem-Dry’s organic and green certified carpet cleaning formula is a carbonated crystal clear cleaning product. that goes on gently but blasts dirt from the primary backing of the carpet straight up to the tips of the carpet fibers where they are rinsed away with our Hot Carbonating Extraction. The Natural contains plant extracts and minerals to effectively deep clean your carpets without leaving any dirt attracting residues like other carpet cleaners, steam cleaners and shampoo carpet cleaners. Your beautiful home in Claremont will have a safe and pure solution for carpet cleaning when you select Air Fresh Chem-Dry for your professional service in Claremont, the best fast dry carpet cleaning in town!

Carpets That Dry in 1-2 Hours, Not 1-2 Days! Chem-Dry’s Fast Dry Carpet Cleaning

Fast dry times are expected because our carbonated cleaning substances only require us to a minimal amount of moisture that steam cleaners require. The Natural product is an effervescent cleaning solution called the Natural and allows your carpets to dry quicker and helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew under your carpet. Chem-Dry is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. Our signature cleaning solution, The Natural® developed by Harris Research Inc., and is a cleaning mixture that, through the power of carbonation, bubbles up and explodes the dirt and grime directly to the surface where it is gently whisked away. Our organic carpet cleaning solution, The Natural is non-toxic and ideal for homes with children and pets. The Natural is part of our secret in how we get carpets deep cleaned and dry in just 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days. We are not using gobs of soap and detergent and then having to use excessive amounts of water to rinse the carpet of the soap and detergent plus the dirt and stains in the carpet. This type of carpet cleaning leaves for an ineffective carpet cleaning service, leaving your gorgeous home in Claremont with soaking wet carpets that can potentially have mold and mildew trapped in the primary backing of the carpet or padding. The subfloor creates a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew so Claremont Chem-Dry has taken great pride in offering a better alternative to typical steam carpet cleaning and shampoo carpet cleaners. Here at Air Fresh Chem-Dry we use safe cleaning solutions that are Green Certified and on the FDA’s G.R.A.S. list and a fast dry carpet cleaning that deep cleans without leaving dirt attracting residues like other carpet cleaners.

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier Claremont Chem-Dry Carpet CleaningChem-Dry's Hot Carbonating Extraction Process Tested and Proven

This means your carpets stay cleaner, longer. This will save you money, because with no residues, that means less frequent cleanings. As well, Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s healthy approach to carpet cleaning will ensure a better living space for your family and friends. Long before it was trendy to be Green, Air Fresh Chem-Dry has been the #1 choice for green carpet cleaning and organic carpet cleaning services in Claremont, every single year.

Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s deep cleaning system and healthy carpet cleaning service will go beyond your expectations. Air Fresh Chem-Dry is preferred by both customers and professionals. (C.R.I.) The Carpet and Rug Institute, placed Chem-Dry as a company deserving the CRI Platinum Seal of Approval for the innovative and unique Hot Carbonating Extraction Cleaning System. This identifies our effective carpet cleaning solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protect a home or commercial facility’s carpet investment. The blue and green CRI Seal of Approval is proof that you are investing in professional quality service.

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Testimonials & Reviews for Best Carpet Cleaning in Claremont, California by Air Fresh Chem-Dry

“I found this Carpet Cleaning company through Yelp and I am so glad I did.   The old dirty carpets in my house look great.  The carpet was a dirty beige colored Berber carpet in our family room that was badly stained from pets and a lack of maintenance on my part, as well as a carpet runner that runs through most of my house that looked like it needed to be thrown away. I also had them freshen up the living room area rug. Now everything looks brand new. The crew came out and cleaned them all before the Holidays and was able to accommodate my schedule, even last minute.  He was prompt and professional.  Air Fresh Chem-Dry did a tremendous job at a fair price.  I would highly recommend them.” -Brandon C. in Claremont, California

“Air Fresh Chem-Dry is both customer service oriented and absolutely hands down the best carpet cleaners because they are highly impressive at restoring tired carpets with some serious stains. These guys are incredibly responsive, and listened and addressed each and every one of my concerns. This all adds up to  mean that  Air Fresh Chem-Dry is hands down the best carpet cleaning company I have ever had and will ever use again. They can make an estimate proposal quickly, schedule the service, update you as to exact time that they are arriving, arrive on time, do the job, be personable, courteous, professional, sincere and helpful, do a thorough deep clean, remove deep stubborn stains that steam carpet shampoo cleaners  could never get out, ensure quality service and follow up with me. From beginning to end, it was an incredible service and customer service experience.” Carol B. in Claremont, California

“Air Fresh Chem-Dry is a customer-oriented and conscientious company. They ensured the quote  was correct, performed a detailed service that required extra elbow grease and took the time to make sure my carpets looked good and that I was very satisfied with the service.” Tina U. in Claremont, California

“If you need carpets cleaned, there’s just no other choice in Claremont that is better. I’m an incredibly busy landlord. Air Fresh Chem-Dry is on the ball and a great service partner for my properties. The crew totally understood that I not only needed a carpet cleaning fast, but he needed to work with me remotely and got all of the jobs done right. The tenants are happy and I highly recommend Air Fresh Chem-Dry.” Susan R. in Claremont, California

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