Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Steam Carpet Cleaners

A Difference You Can Feel

Air Fresh Chem-Dry uses a special solution called The Natural® that uses the power of carbonation to clean your carpets. This cleaning agent uses millions of tiny bubbles that reach deep down into the carpet and grabs a hold of the dirt and grime and then lifts it to the surface where it is gently cleaned away. The Natural® is 100% Green Certified, non-toxic, and safe for you and your family. It contains no soaps, detergent, or harsh chemicals, making it the number one chose for households that have small children, pets and people with allergies. This method of cleaning only requires our professionally trained technicians to use only a minimal amount of moisture, leaving your carpets drier, healthier and fresher.

Steam cleaners soak your carpets with soapy water that contains harsh chemicals and surfactants before attempting to suck it all back out again. Yes this does clean your carpets, but not for long. After the carpet dries for days at a time, there is a sticky, soapy layer left behind from the detergents used in the cleaning process that actually grab and attract the dirt which will cause your carpet to even more dirty much faster than before. Due to the amount of water that steam cleaning is required to use, it requires more dry time in which case leads to the growth of bacteria, mold and other unwanted and hazardous fungi.

With Chem-Dry’ carpet cleaning methods, your carpet will be simply cleaner and healthier for your home.

The Details Matter – See the Difference Between Chem-Dry and Steam Cleaners

Chem-Dry (Hot Carbonation)

  • Safe cleaning power of carbonation
  • Dry in hours not days
  • Neutral pH cleaner
  • Keeps carpet cleaner longer
  • Green Certified cleaning solution
  • Less liquid applied at a lower pressure

Steam Cleaners (Hot Water Extraction)

  • Strong chemical cleaners
  • Long dry time
  • High pH cleaners
  • Promotes stain recurrence
  • No green certification
  • Too much liquid applied at extreme pressure
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