Specialty Stain Removal

Using the industries finest quality of stain-removal products and tools, Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s professional technicians can remove almost any stain from any surface. For the best results at stain removal, act quickly after the spot has been made. The longer the spot sits, the harder it will be to remove. Most stains can be removed, however others may need advanced technical skill and expert cleaning solutions. Air Fresh Chem-Dry has the best stain-removal products in the industry and can fight even the toughest stains.

The technicians at Air Fresh Chem-Dry are willing to attempt to remove any stain. With success at removing stains such as: berries, soda, juice, blood, candy, nail polish, coffee, honey, Kool-Aid, jelly, mud, lipstick, Ketchup, marker, rust, throw-up, urine, wine and many others, it’s no wonder why we have the best success rate at stain-removal in the industry. Each stain is unique and will require a different approach at removing every time, however our exceptionally skilled technicians have the experience and the knowledge at how to tackle each and every one. If you would like to know if one of our technicians at Air Fresh Chem-Dry can remove a stain call us at 866-384-7474 and our knowledgeable and helpful staff will let you know.

“If we can’t get it out. No one can.” All Air Fresh Chem-Dry professionals are prepared with tools to remove virtually any stain. Our technician will prepare an on-site evaluation for any stains and provide a no-obligation estimate.

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