Carpet Repairs

Power Stretching

Lumpy carpets are not only unsightly but are also a tripping hazard. There is no one good reason as to why your carpets do this. Some carpets can stretch continuously overtime while others never do. If your carpet has lumps in it and it does not get repaired it will only continue to get worse, making the carpet wear even faster. Ripples in carpet require a carpet repair which is known as a carpet re stretch or also known as carpet stretching. Typical of poorly installed carpets, lumps and ripples become more prominent over time. If you have this problem we would recommend “power stretching”. Power stretching is the process of pulling up along the edges to meet the tack strip and using a specific piece of equipment designed to re-stretch it back into the proper position. Having a power stretch done will extend the life of your carpet and create a hazard free zone for you and your family.

Cut and Plug

If you have a stain that cannot be removed with one of Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s numerous stain removal products, you may need to replace the damaged section. As long as you still have remnants of the carpet when it was originally installed it can easily be repaired. It is best to cut the replacement piece into either a circle or triangular shape. For some reason rectangular and square cut replacements seem to always catch the eye. It is important to know that all carpet has a grain or texture to it. You want to make sure that any replacement piece is positioned the same way the original carpet is to ensure the carpet fibers will lay the same direction and not stand out. Our professionally trained technicians will be able to determine what is best for your carpet so that it may have the look and feel you’ve always wanted. Call to schedule your free estimate today.

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