Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

Drier. Cleaner. Healthier Video.Deep clean your carpets with Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s green cleaning process that is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier than any steam cleaner or shampooing company can ever offer you. We use a proprietary cleaning process that is so great, we have a national brand recognition for being the greenest carpet cleaner in the industry. Our fast dry carpet cleaning process will leave you with sparkling clean carpets and dry times in less than just a couple hours. As well, no soaps or chemicals are used, so you will never experience rapid re-soiling or reappearing stains like you would if you chose the old method-steam cleaning. Use the carbonated cleaning process that has a green certification and platinum seal of approval from CRI combined with our 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee.

Specialty Spot Removal

Specialty Spot Removal Video.Spot and stains that return happen because either they were never really gone to begin with or there is a filmy residue attracting dirt right back to the same stain. Air Fresh Chem-Dry can remove reappearing stains and prevent new stains from occurring. Our cleaning process never pushes the spills and stains deep into the padding like steam cleaners do. We use a carbonated cleaner that raises the substances to the surface. Also, if you have specialty spot removal needs from accidents like ink, wine, urine or other substance spills, our five star certified crews have the right products on hand to remove almost any stain your carpet may have.

The Difference In Cleanings Between Steam Cleaners & Air Fresh Chem-Dry

Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s exclusive and patented Carbonating Cleaner is applied with a low pressure spray machine which covers carpets and furniture with millions of microscopic non-toxic carbonated bubbles. This green carpet cleaning solution ensures soil and grime to separate from the carpet fibers and explode to the surface where it is easily whisked away. Because Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Santa Ana CA uses a nominal amount of moisture, carpets cleaned the Air Fresh Chem-Dry way only take 1 to 2 hours to dry. Drier. Cleaner. Healthier.

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