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The Air Fresh Chem-Dry Advantage

We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. As the world’s leading carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning company, Chem-Dry’s global resources position us to meet all of your carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning expectations and requirements. At Air Fresh Chem-Dry we offer advantages that no other carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning company can. We offer a complete menu of services that are specially designed to provide businesses and facility managers the highest level of quality service the industry has to offer. Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s patented process and environmentally safe solution offers you:

  • Superior cleaning power and technology
  • Low moisture carpet and upholstery cleaning process that dries in 1-2 hours
  • Safe and non-toxic carpet and upholstery cleaning process
  • Virtually no residue, no soaps or sticky films left behind
  • Anti static odor control
  • Professionally and certified technicians
  • Fabric and upholstery cleaning services
  • Restoration services and water damage services
  • After hours appointments (minimum charges apply)
  • Green certified carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning
  • Tile/Grout & Stone cleaning and polishing service
  • Carpet repairs

Custom Plans for Multiple Locations

We use patented state of the art carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, leather cleaning, tile/grout cleaning, stone cleaning & polishing equipment and cleaning solutions. Our products are environmentally safe and our well trained, certified cleaning technicians are the best in the industry. We have been serving most of Southern California for more than 30 years. There are more than 2,500 Chem-Dry franchises located in the United States that can provide stability and strategic geographical positioning that can best satisfy your multiple facility needs.

Business Protection – we are Properly Insured!

With Chem-Dry you can rest assured knowing your commercial carpet cleaning needs are taken care of. In addition to expertise, Chem-Dry provides one of the most comprehensive business protection plans in the carpet cleaning industry today. Chem-Dry’s program includes: General Liability, Workers’ Compensation and an Excess Liability Umbrella.

Our Promise to You

Here at Air Fresh Chem-Dry we will ensure that you receive the highest quality carpet & upholstery cleaning method available anywhere. Carpets cleaned by Air Fresh Chem-Dry stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier working environment. We would be grateful for the opportunity to serve as your system-wide carpet and upholstery cleaning service provider.

Business Commercial Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Service

Air Fresh Chem-Dry harnesses the power of carbonation to lift dirt and soil to the surface of your fabric upholstery where it is then extracted away using our powerful Chem-Dry cleaning systems. Our secret to Chem-Dry’s healthier, more effective upholstery & fabric furniture cleaning mass amounts of tiny effervescent cleaning bubbles in our green carpet cleaner and upholstery cleaner we call The Natural®. The carbonating solutions penetrate deep into the base of the carpet, literally exploding dirt and grime off of the fiber’s surface. Then, we use hot water extraction to lift the dirty particles to the surface where they are whisked away. Chem-Dry’s safe, non-toxic solutions actually help your fabrics stay as clean as when they were new.

Chem-Dry offers Unique Advantages

  • Safe for all kinds of upholstery,  including  some of the finest natural fibers and the hardiest synthetics.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • A money saver because Chem-Dry leaves no dirt-attracting, soap scum films which can prematurely re-soil your upholstery.
  • Great for auto interiors, boat interiors, office dividers and any  upholstered item.
  • Chem-Dry’s fabric Protector protects your upholstery by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of your upholstery material.

Business Commercial Tile/Grout & Stone Cleaning Service

Air Fresh Chem-Dry can renew the shine to your tile and grout throughout your commercial business facility. Our certified, professional technicians use specialized and patented cleaning solutions as well as powerful deep cleaning extraction equipment to remove the dirt and build up from your grout, stone and tile, increasing its longevity and renewing its original shine.

It is highly recommended tile and grout be cleaned once every 12 to 18 months to ensure long lasting shine. During each tile, grout or stone cleaning cleaning, your Chem-Dry technician will apply a durable sealant to keep dirt out between appointments.

Additionally, our premium services can help you enhance and revitalize the look of your floors, counters, walls and other tile and stone surfaces. Ask us about grout coloring, grout color repair, stone color enhancing and other services.

Stone polishing for travertine, marble, granite, limestone, blue stone, brown stone, sand stone, onyx and other types of Natural Stone is available as well. This specialized service will ensure a new look and enhanced shine.

Sealing your tile, grout and stone is highly recommended. Because grout lines and joints as well as natural stone is porous and dirty water, soaps, debris, airborne allergens and dust settles into the pores. Sealing your grout and stone helps prevent this from happening because there the pores are filled with a sealer. Ask your professional technician about the benefits your commercial facility can benefit from during your cleaning estimate appointment.

Call your local Chem-Dry Tile & Stone service provider for a free phone estimate today. Service not available in all areas.

Business Commercial Water Damage Clean Up Service

You don’t have to live on a flood plain to be tormented by water damage. Something as simple as a leaky pipe can do extreme damage to your carpets and the floor underneath. Commercial water damage can be much more costly to clean up due to the size and materials needed.

However, Air Fresh Chem-Dry professionals are prepared to tackle most anything. From minor pipe leaks to flooding, Chem-Dry can help restore what would appear to be a lost cause. Our IICRC certified water damage specialists can restore your business and work hand in hand with insurance companies.

Featured Testimonials

Thank you again for sending a very talented agent to clean the snow white couch in our boutique – with a such a short notice. As I told you I am beyond happy with the result :)
IWC Luxury Watches , South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA

Outstanding job. Will use over and over..
Andre, Covina, CA

I used Air Fresh Chem Dry on a few occassions they did a very good job. However they could get a bit pricey. Overall great service.
Shante B., Pomona, CA

5 stars. No spots and no stains after my cleaning. That’s worth 5 stars!
Tita, Mira Loma, CA

Would like to thank R.J and John from air fresh Chem-Dry Riverside for the excellent cleaning on my carpets,and stairs. Brilliant job guys.
Elizabeth, Riverside, CA

The best work I have ever had. The tech was nice and clean cut, the work was great and he got all of the stains out even my teenagers make up came out. Awesome!
Tanisha, Cypress, CA

THE BEST COMPANY EVER!!!!They just cleaned my carpets and sofas for the holidays. Magnificent! Did a wonderful job, and I even get 10% off my next cleaning. Great company!!!
Suzanne R., Laguna Woods, CA

Carpets are clean and safe for my newborn. I love that they are green and safe and nontoxic. That is very important to me since I have a baby. They do great work and the carpets are spotless.
Sammy, Diamond Bar, CA

I used them for my apartment in Riverside, then bought a home in Lake Elsinore, the carpets on both properties came out fantastic. Each crew was great to work with and I have them come out every 3 months. I wouldn’t ever use another company.
Becca, Riverside, CA

I have had a lot of companies service me, and Air Fresh is by far the best I have ever had. Great workmanship and customer service.
Crystal, Lake Forest, CA

5 stars. No spots and no stains after my cleaning. That’s worth 5 stars!
Tita, Mira Loma, CA

The crew came out and took their time to bring the life back to my carpet. They carpets dried within a few hours and looked great.
Pedro, Bellgardens, CA

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