Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning vs. Diamond Bar Steam Carpet Cleaners

Air Fresh Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning A Difference You Can Feel

It is commonly understood that routine carpet cleaning is mandatory in order to continue having your carpets look and smell terrific. Many authorities in the carpet cleaning industry suggest maintenance steam cleaning or Chem-Dry carpet cleaning 1-4 services per year; based on the amount of foot traffic the carpet receives. So which cleaning method is the best, Diamond Bar steam carpet cleaning or having your carpets cleaned from Chem-Dry in Diamond Bar? Lets compare the two methods of carpet cleaning.

Diamond Bar Steam Carpet Cleaners

Truck mounted steam cleaning utilizes hot water extraction with a built in vacuum to break and rinse away dirt and allergens in your carpet. The downside of steam cleaning is when using large amounts of water the sub level which consist of padding or sponge can trap water the vacuum cannot completely extract out. Mold can potentially form because water is left in your carpet and pad in your Diamond Bar home or business. In addition left behind moisture and residue from the harsh chemicals and soaps used by Diamond Bar Steam Cleaners can cause stains like rust or furniture stains within just a day or two of steam carpet cleaning.

Chem-Dry  Carpet Cleaning in Diamond Bar

Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s Eco friendly carpet cleaning formula -The Natural,  relies on millions of carbonated cleaning bubbles to power the dirt to the surface requiring a fraction of the water steam cleaners and shampooing machines use. This decreased drying times to about 1-2 hours not 1-2 days. Get a green carpet cleaning today and avoid long dry times.

Experience a cleaner, drier, healthier carpet cleaning by calling Air Fresh Chem-Dry at 1-866-384-7474

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