Diamond Bar Carpet Repairs

The Power Stretch

Carpets become more elastic over time and sometimes can become lumpy or wavy. When your carpets pulls back from the tack-strips from either aging or improper installation, you should have it repaired. Just because this happens, you do not have to replace your carpets. Most companies do not offer this service in Diamond Bar, But we do at Air Fresh Chem-Dry.Our professional repair staff has been professionally trained to deal with all different types of issues that can be repaired saving you tons of time and money. You want to make sure you find the right company and crew for the job. Making sure your carpet is properly re-stretched is important so that it does not continue over and over again. Carpets left lumpy or wavy will end up in poor condition and need to be replaced. When left in that condition too long, sometimes the carpets can become un-repairable. Power stretching will ensure your carpets to meet all edges and be less of a tripping hazard and beautify the room and the carpet’s appearance.

The Cut and Plug

Carpet burns, fraying, pets clawing or scratching at the carpet, can create the need for a cut and plug. At Chem-Dry in Diamond Bar we like to call this plastic surgery for your carpet, since it is basically the same principle. This is also commonly known as carpet patching. Carpet repair on a damaged section of the carpet normally looks like a repair but can look less obtrusive to the carpet than the current condition. If you have a deep stain, a carpet patch, carpet cut and plug or “carpet repair” can be in most cases accomplished.

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