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diamond bar furniture and leather cleaningFurniture Cleaning Experts in Diamond Bar

Having furniture looking it’s brightest and cleanest requires a lot of care and time. Fortunately cleanings the furniture in your Diamond BAr home or business every 6 months to 18 months depending on how much they are used is the best way to care for them. Items of furniture such as sofas, love seats, sofa sectionals, recliners and chairs have fabric which acts as a filter in your Diamond Bar home, these items will attract dirt, dust and other allergens that will build up over time. Every day use, spots, spills and pets can cause furniture to appear dingy or dirty. Air Fresh Chem-Dry has the products and cleaning equipment to care for your items at great prices. Our green cleaning solution called The Natural is safe, gentle and odorless. We can restore the look of your furniture with a simple cleaning. In some cases, with spots and stains such as colored stains, ink, make up, oils, marker or water marks, specialty stain removal is needed. Our professionally trained fabric specialists have an armada of cleaning products and stain removal solutions that can remove almost any type of stain. Don’t replace that great furniture you have, clean it. You will be happy you have clean, healthy and dirt/grime-free pieces of furniture for your family and guests to relax on.

Our carbonated cleaning solution that we use in your Diamond Bar home uses a scientific method which is our core cleaning solution. This biodegradable product is soap and detergent free and contains absolutely no phosphates. Upholstery and furniture items stay cleaner for a much longer period of time which saves you money in the long run because there is no dirt attracting residues. Our safe and gentle cleaner cleans carpets deep down and enhances the carpets beauty.

The tiny bubbles in the cleaning product do most of the work for us. The carbonated solution travels deep down into the carpet fibers lifting up the dirt and soil particulates and leaving them to settle on the surface. Following this, our professional crew will use a truck mounted or portable unit deep cleaning system that is platinum certified to deep clean the carpet as well as rinse the dirt, soil, debris, allergens and solution from the carpet. Carpet cleaning routinely will give you a beautiful home and room appearance.

Discover Air Fresh Chem-Dry‘s, in Diamond Bar, Unique Furniture Cleaning Advantages

  • Air Fresh Chem-Dry is… Green! Safe and gentle as well as non-toxic for homes with kids and pets
  • Won’t harm fragile natural-fiber or synthetic fabrics
  • Deep-cleans auto and boat interiors, office partitions and dividers, or any type of  upholstered items
  • Saves money… Air Fresh Chem-Dry‘s cleaning solution leaves no dirt-attracting residue, so fabric stays cleaner for longer
  • Air Fresh Chem-Dry‘s Fabric Protectant stands guard on the surface of upholstery with an oil and water repellent barrier
  • Leather cleaning with a trusted professional touch…our method is approved by over 300 leather makers and tanneries
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