Huntington Beach Carpet Repairs

Cutting and Plugging your Carpet

Cut and plug is exactly what it sounds like. For stains, burns, or other damage focused on a specific spot, the best option is to simply cut out the damaged carpet and replace it. Self-explanatory, in theory, actually completing a cut and plug repair is by no means a gimmick. Without experience working with carpet and a touch of finesse, you have little hope of creating a durable and less-than-noticeable repair. Though patch kits are readily available, they can rarely produce the kind of seamless results that come with hiring a pro.

If you have a stain that is deep into the fibers and cannot be removed with one of Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s many stain removal products, or covers a larger area, you’re going to need to replace the damaged section. Hopefully you still have some remnants of carpet that you saved when it was originally installed in your Hunting Beach home, if not, you can still get a replacement section from the back of a closet in your Huntington Beach home or business

We must inform you that all carpet has a grain or texture as a result of the way it’s manufactured. If the carpet fibers are brushed one way the fibers stand up, and brush them the other direction, the fibers seem to lie down. You want to make sure that any replacement piece you use is positioned so the grain is running the same way as the rest of the carpet. Also, we suggest that replacement pieces are less noticeable if they are cut in the shape of a triangle or a circle. Squares and rectangles somehow catch the eye. Our professionally trained technicians Huntington Beach are able to determine what is best for your carpet, so you’re carpet can have the look and feel you’ve been waiting for. Call and schedule your free estimate in Huntington Beach today.

Power Stretching your Carpet

Over time your carpeting in your Huntington Beach home or office may have developed waves, ripples, lumps or bumps. You don’t always need new wall to wall carpets; you can save money by having your carpets re-stretched. Re-stretching takes up the slack in you carpets and restores them to their original tension. This removes the waves and ripples. Lumps and bumps can be restored by installing new padding under the carpet in the affected area. We can re-seam carpeting that has come apart as well as repair tears. “Power stretching” is the process of pulling your carpet up along the edges to meet the tack strip and using a specialized piece of equipment to re-stretch it back to the proper position. This procedure can extend the life and look of your carpet. A carpet that is properly stretched allows for more effective Huntington Beach carpet cleaning and a hazard free environment.

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