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Carpet Cleaning In La Mirada, CA

Air Fresh Chem-Dry provides the best carpet cleaning experience possible by using the most advanced and unique methods to get your carpet cleaner. Call Air Fresh Chem-Dry and schedule an appointment to address all your carpet cleaning needs with the expert carpet cleaners.

Utilizing the power of carbonation is the secret to the effectiveness of Chem-Dry’s proprietary solution The Natural®. Not only is it a powerful tool to naturally remove dirt and stains from deeper in your carpet, but it is also a better method than other methods like steam cleaning because of the faster dry times. The Chem-Dry method requires minimal moisture leaving your carpets clean and dry within a few hours not days. Not only does this effervescent cleaning product allow your carpets to dry quicker but it also helps prevent the growth of mold and mildew under your carpet. Chem-Dry is Drier. Cleaner. Healthier. alternative to all other carpet cleaners out there. Our signature cleaning solution, The Natural® developed by Harris Research Inc., is a cleaning mixture that cleans by enveloping your carpet fibers with millions of microscopic bubbles that lifts dirt and stains directly to the surface where it is gently whisked away. The Natural is a 100% non-toxic carpet cleaning solution that is an ideal choice for homes with children and pets. Air Fresh Chem-Dry uses a number of safe cleaning solutions that are Green Certified. This means your carpets stay cleaner longer. Saving you money!

Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s deep cleaning system and healthy carpet cleaning service will go beyond your expectations. Air Fresh Chem-Dry is preferred by both customers and professionals. (C.R.I.) The Carpet and Rug Institute, placed Chem-Dry as a company deserving the CRI Platinum Seal of Approval for the innovative and unique Hot Carbonating Extraction Cleaning System. This identifies our effective carpet cleaning solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protect a home or commercial facility’s carpet investment. The blue and green CRI Seal of Approval is proof that you are investing in professional quality service.

Carpet Cleaning La Mirada CA

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