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Air Fresh Chem-Dry, The Greener Carpet Cleaner

Green CertifiedYou wouldn’t add soaps, detergents, phosphates or other harsh and toxic chemicals to the air, forests, lakes or streams in our environment; so why add them to the carpets of your Orange County home? At Air Fresh Chem-Dry, we believe in sustainability and have worked hard towards offering our customers a Green solution to carpet cleaning for the past two decades. Along with being a proud Green Carpet Cleaning company, we also have a platinum seal of approval for our Hot Carbonating Extraction from The Carpet & Rug Institute, so we offer the highest level of cleaning in the industry. For a deeper clean that’s also Green, call Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Orange County today at (866) 384-7474.

The premium cleaning solution that the Air Fresh Chem-Dry professionals use, The NaturalĀ®, is on the FDA’s prestigious G.R.A.S. list; however, our commitment to being Green doesn’t stop there. We only use one-fifth of the amount of water during our cleaning process, ensuring you and your family a Greener, healthier home. Compare this to steam cleaners which require excessive amounts of water and harsh, toxic and unhealthy chemicals in their attempt at cleaning your carpets.

Green Carpet Cleaning & Rug Cleaning

Several products meet the strict standards of the Chem-Dry Certified program, which examines a product’s impact on people, their pets and the environment. For additional information, click to view or print Air Fresh Chem-Dry‘s Green & Clean Brochure in PDF format.

  • The NaturalAir Fresh Chem-Dry Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Extinguisher
  • World Famous Spot Remover
  • Upholstery Rinse
  • Upholster Wet/Foam Cleaner
  • Carpet Deodorizer
  • Pet Odor Removal

The professionals at Chem-Dry are continuously working towards advancements in Green carpet cleaning. Our commitment to sustainability is part of our mission to provide all people with a cleaner and healthier living environment. Air Fresh Chem-Dry has even started to implement a paperless newsletter that we can email to you!

Green N Clean

Health, Toxicity & Safety

  • Oral Toxicity : Our products do not include hazardous substances ingested through the mouth.
  • Dermal Toxicity : Our products do not include poisonous substances that enter through skin contact.
  • Inhalation Toxicity : Our products do not distribute harmful pollutants that are breathed in from the atmosphere.
  • No Carcinogens : Our products do not include agents which increase the likelihood of cancer.

Protection of Aquatic Life

  • We consistently have high standards for biodegradability and to not bio-accumulate. Our products must not damage our streams or Mother Earth.

Safety for Materials Contacted

  • The pH of the solution of the products must be no less than 3 and no greater than 10.

Clean Air Requirements

  • The solution must not contain damaging levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Natural Non-Toxic Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning by Chem-DryWhy are the professionals in carpet cleaning at Air Fresh Chem-Dry so committed to being Green? Less water in your carpets means more in our nation’s reservoirs. Our non-toxic cleaning products and solutions means that the cleaning products and services used by Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Orange County, CA are safe for use in homes with childrenĀ and pets and makes Air Fresh Chem-Dry the ideal solution for the many people who suffer from allergies. We live here too and our mission is to help create cleaner, healthier homes for a better world.

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