Emergency Water Removal Service

Emergency water removal can be a huge headache for any Orange County home or business owner. Flood damage, broken pipes, septic and sewage backups, will all require a significant amount of water damage cleanup. The water damage restoration professionals at Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Orange County can help you set the course in the right direction for a successful cleanup.
Emergency Water Removal

The professionals at Air Fresh Chem-Dry can help you clean up after any kind of water damage experienced in your Orange County home or business. We extract the water immediately to remove it from the carpets and floors as best we can. We pull the carpeting back and then dry out the padding or remove the pad completely until the carpets are fully dry. We can also re-install new padding if its deemed necessary to mitigate any further damage. If the water damage goes beyond that, there’s no need to worry, we have insurance specialists on hand for assistance with any problems we may encounter.

All water damage restoration companies are not created equal. It’s best to choose one with a Nationally recognized reputation that can handle your most time-consuming water damage cleanup job. Contact Air Fresh Chem-Dry today at (866) 384-7474 for a complete on-site estimate.

Flood Damage

Flood damage can be devastating to your life and to your property. The initial damage caused by flooding is only the start. Structural weakening and mold issues can also arise and create huge problems, as well.

Water damage restoration companies can be found in every area, but remember to choose one wisely. You need one with the appropriate tools and experience to manage all of your water damage cleanup and restoration needs.

Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Orange County, CA can put you in touch with a qualified water and flood damage cleanup professional in your area. But don’t wait, call Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Orange County today at (866) 384-7474 to get started.

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