Rancho Cucamonga Carpet Repairs

Rancho Cucamonga Power Stretching

Some carpets over time will stretch, If untreated the problem will only grow worse. What causes these ugly and dangerous lumps, waves and humps in your carpets in your Rancho Cucamonga home or business?

Your carpeting may have been poorly laid in your Rancho Cucamonga home or business or maybe its just tired and worn. No matter why your carpeting has ripples – its a problem. The good news is Air Fresh Chem-Dry  serves all of Rancho Cucamonga and we can help you by power stretching your carpet. Power stretching uses special equipment to pull and re-align your carpet around the edges, putting it back into its proper place. By having your carpets in rancho cucamonga Power Stretched you will extend the life of your carpet by preventing continual wear and stretching. Not to mention making your home or business safer by removing booby-traps in your carpet.

Plastic Surgery for your Carpet!

Most spots and stains are removable by simply calling Air Fresh Chem-dry and scheduling a cleaning in in your Rancho Cucamonga home or business. Unfortunately, sometimes they can be permanent, like a cut, burn, or permanent stain (like bleach). Fortunately Air Fresh Chem-dry offers plastic surgery for your carpets in both your Rancho Cucamonga home and business.  With a cut and plug you only need to replace the damaged section(s) of your carpeting.

Best case you have a left over section of carpet, if not you can salvage a piece from some unnoticeable area like a closet.

The pros at Air Fresh Chem-Dry can assist you with a cut and plug. It is important the replacement section be laid uniform to the grain and texture surrounding it. When replacing a section it is best to use a circular or triangular shape piece of carpet, because a square or rectangular pieces tend to show.

Call your carpets plastic surgeons at Air Fresh Chem-Dry today!  (866) 384-7474

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