Rancho Cucamonga Emergency Water Damage Service

Rancho Cucamonga Emergency Water Damage Service

Your home in Rancho Cucamonga is your castle, and few things are as feared as water damage in your home. Water damage in Rancho Cucamonga can be caused by numerous factors, from flooding to a broken pipe or hot water heater. The amount of damage can vary just as much from minor dampness in your carpet to rotted walls or completely destroyed homes. Not all water damage restoration companies in Rancho Cucamonga are equal. You need up front professionals with experience in the field. Your friends at Air Fresh Chem-Dry are here to help, our understanding professionals will walk you through every step. We have insurance specialists on hand and we are IICRC certified.

Air Fresh Chem-Dry will immediately go to work extracting water from your home. If necessary we will roll carpet back to dry the pad or replace the pad if necessary. This can be a difficult time and Air Fresh Chem-Dry is here to help. Our professionals can determine salvageable pieces that and none salvageable pieces. One of the biggest worries is mold forming in your home and by quickly and promptly addressing the situation and getting the professionals out to your home you will have a much better chance of avoiding mold in your Rancho cucamonga home.

If you have been affected by flood damage. It is important to remember the initial flood damage is, unfortunately only part of the problem. Floods can cause structural weakening as well as problems with mold (as previously mentioned). This must be handled by professionals and promptly to avoid further damage.

Do not delay call Air Fresh Chem-Dry with questions concerning water damage in Rancho Cucamonga (866) 384-7474

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