Stone, Tile & Grout Cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga

Air Fresh Chem-Dry Cleans For Your Health, and the Health of Your Family

Tile, grout and stone cleaning services in Rancho Cucamonga by Air Fresh Chem-Dry will clean and seal a wide variety of floors and counter tops, rejuvenating the feel of your home while maintaining a newer look. Stop spending countless hours hunched over on your hands and knees scrubbing tile and grout with a toothbrush and bleach in hopes to get it clean. Leave it to our friendly staff to refresh and renew the look of your stone or tile floors, counter tops, foyers, showers, walls, and even your outside patios. We can clean many types of tile and stone in Rancho Cucamonga:

  • Travertine
  • Marble
  • Slate
  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain

We Clean for Your Health

Kitchens, bathrooms, entryways and outdoor space is beautifully accented by ceramic or stone tile flooring or wall accents.It’s hard to go wrong with tile. Tile and stone is durable, lasts for extended periods of time, and looks beautiful. A stone tile floor in the entryway immediately brings beauty to a home, and having a clean stone patio in the backyard to host a barbecue for family and friends makes your outdoor living space enjoyable.

Tile, stone and grout inevitably are affected by unhealthy elements inside and around your home. Dirt and grime builds up and seeps into the porous grout and stone or tile surfaces in your home creating a desperate need for professional tile stone and grout cleaning. Tile, stone and grout create the perfect place for disease causing bacteria to grow due to the build up and the porous areas it settles and breeds in. Areas in the home such as the bathroom and kitchen, germs run rampant and professional tile and grout and stone cleanings will help provide a healthier indoor environment and cuts down on the spread of bacteria. Mopping can be helpful and sweeping picks up the dust and dander, it is no match for Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s professional tile, stone and grout cleaning service as we remove an average of 99 percent of bacteria from home flooring, counter and sink and tub surfaces.

Some people try to take matters into their own hands and scrub between the tiles with a toothbrush to get at that gunky build-up that mops and brooms can’t reach. That can take many hours, days or weeks in which the results still in many cases cannot match the results of a professional tile and grout cleaning service provided by a reputable tile and grout cleaning company such as Air Fresh Chem-Dry. It is a back-breaking chore that, after all the work, yields mixed results at best. After potentially hours of scrubbing, you often have nothing substantial to show for it but several aching joints and a filthy toothbrush. So what’s going to save your back and deliver a deep, safe, healthy cleaning? Again,we can remove an average of 99 percent of bacteria with our professional cleaning and just because grout lines look clean because there is no dirt, doesn’t mean there is no lurking bacteria.

The answer: professional stone, tile and grout cleaning from Air Fresh Chem-Dry.

Best known for our carpet cleaning service, Air Fresh Chem-Dry professionals are much more than carpet cleaners and offers a variety and array of professional cleaning services for homes and offices. Just like our oriental rug cleaning, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning services, Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s professional tile and stone cleaning in Rancho Cucamonga California reduces the dirt and bacteria that can spread germs, so your surfaces and your home will sparkle and be safer for your family and pets. Safeguard the health of your family and the beauty of your home with stone, tile and grout cleaning services from Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Rancho Cucamonga California.

Maintaining Your Tile With Professional Tile Cleaning

We suggest that you have your tile and grout serviced every 12-18 months as regular maintenance, give or take a few depending on the volume of traffic and amount of use. Along with the tile or stone cleaning in your Rancho Cucamonga home or business Air Fresh Chem-Dry can also seal the grout by applying a durable coat of sealant.

Having your tile and grout professionally cleaned routinely will help keep your floors lasing the length of time you live in your home without the worry of replacement. Our deep cleaning restores the grout lines between tile surfaces such as porcelain tile, ceramic tile, flagstone, limestone, travertine stone and tile, marble, slate and many other stone and tile surface types. Having your tile cleaned by Air Fresh Chem-Dry will provide you with fantastic results that will leave your home tile floors with a show room look. Air Fresh Chem-Dry has been providing service in Rancho Cucamonga and has been serving customers for more than 40 years.

Protecting Your Tile and Stone

Air Fresh Chem-Dry strongly recommends having their certified professionals in Rancho Cucamonga seal your grout after cleaning. Sealing the grout will minimize the time you spend cleaning your floors and grout lines between routine professional cleanings. The sealant creates a shield on top of the grout blocking up pores allowing only small amounts of dirt and liquids to get past it, keeping it simple to clean preventing most germs from getting in and hiding deep in cracks. Ask Air Fresh more about their sealing your Tile, stone and grout in your Rancho Cucamonga home when you book your appointment or ask the trained professionals while they are in your home or business.

Stone Polishing

No matter what kind of stone surface you may have Air Fresh Chem-Dry can help to keep it clean, bright and looking showroom quality. Air Fresh Chem-Dry employees are trained in the cleaning and maintenance of nearly every type of stone.

Natural stone is generally categorized by composition. When dealing with natural stone it is imper able to know what your working with. Before beginning any job our technicians will test and determine the nature of your stone at your free on site estimate.

Slate, granite, sandstone, brownstone, blue-stone and quartzite are all examples of Siliceous Stone. This stone is mostly silica or quartz-like particles and tends to be durable. Its cleaning should include a mildly-acidic solution.

When dealing with Calcareous Stone like marble, travertine, limestone and onyx one must take a different approach, acidic cleaning is not recommended. A different cleaning procedure is needed. Calcareous Stones are mainly calcium carbonate.

Flamed, Honed, Polished Finishes

Used mainly on granite floors. A flamed finish will give a textured rough appearance.

If you prefer a highly smooth surface with little reflection of light, a honed finish is what you desire. A honed finish is mostly seen where a person would walk like hallways, stairs and flooring. Depending on taste a honed finish is also seen as furniture tops or anywhere else a person may want that smooth, dull look.

A polished stone finish usually appears smooth and glossy. The polished stone should also reflect light this should enhance the color of the stone, generally seen anywhere a person wishes a bright, clean finish. Often seen in walls, furniture tops and bathrooms among many other places.

Air Fresh Chem-Dry can assist you in any aspect of your natural stone maintenance in Rancho Cucamonga including but not limited to: cleanings, polishing, sealing, color enhancing and the removal of glass rings and dulling.

We are also highly skilled in the following maintenance of natural stone:

  • Biological- Algae, moss, fungi, mildew
  • Organic- Urine, tobacco, bird feces, food, coffee and tea
  • Oil base- Grease, cosmetics, cooking oil, milk
  • Ink- Marker, pen
  • Fire and Smoke damage
  • Paint
  • Nicks and scratches
  • Water spots and rings

Tile/Grout and Stone Surfaces That Air Fresh Chem-Dry Cleans

  • Tile Floor Cleaning
  • Stone Floor Cleaning
  • Tile and Grout Floor Cleaning
  • Grout Cleaning
  • Shower Tile Cleaning
  • Shower Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Shower Stone Cleaning
  • Shower Stone and Grout Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter top Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter top Tile Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter top Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter top Stone Cleaning
  • Pool Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Outside Patio, Porch and Driveway Stone and Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
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Reviews & Testimonials for Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s Stone Cleaning & Tile and Grout Cleaning Service

“I called to get an estimate and they accommodated a same day quote for our facility. The men were professional, the phone reps were professional and I felt very comfortable with their service. They left a package of informative material to supply to our headquarters. Once I had approval, they accommodated my scheduling needs, were quick, efficient, and detailed. The tile and grout looks fantastic. Areas where there was grease and oil are purely clean again. If anyone is looking for tile cleaning or grout cleaning, these are the guys to call.” – Bethany V. in Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I had two small bathrooms and a kitchen of tile cleaned in my townhouse. The tile looks brand new. The off white grout color that was black looks brand new.” – Allen R. in Rancho Cucamonga, California

“The best part of the service is getting to see the results. My stone floors which are travertine and marble look like they were just installed. Before the cleaning the travertine was dull and filthy from years of neglect. I had a small area of porcelain tile cleaned too which looks fantastic now. The men were hard working, nice, and professional and the cleaning is out of this world.” – Inna in Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I had my flagstone patio cleaned, my stone showers and stone flooring, and slate floors throughout my house cleaned. Everything came out perfect. These are the best tile cleaners you can find. The grout looks brand new and restored.” – Bill W. in Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I had the tile steemed and grout steamed by Chem-Dry and the difference is night and day. The grout used to have black lines throughout and now have tan grout lines throughout after Chem-Dry steamed the grout and steamed the tile floors.” – Olga M. in Rancho Cucamonga

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