Pet Odor Removal in Rancho Cucamonga

Rancho Cucamonga’s Pet Urine Odor Removal Treatment From Carpets and Rugs

Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T.

Chem-Dry’s proprietary pet urine odor removal treatment is specifically formulated to remove pet urine odor from carpets and rugs. The pet urine smell is caused by the two types of bacteria in the urine which causes odor growth. Over the counter products found in stores generally mask the odor temporarily because they are enzyme treatments that cannot attack both of the bacteria types. Chem-Dry is the only company with the world famous Pet Urine Odor Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T.) and it restores the home’s healthy indoor environment by relieving the urine odor. Because we use our Hot Carbonating Extraction process for the rinsing and cleaning process with the P.U.R.T. treatment, 98 percent of allergens are removed from the carpet as well. When paired with Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s sanitizing treatment, 89 percent of indoor airborne bacteria is removed as well. This revolutionary carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and upholstery cleaning process and treatment will transform your home or office and make your carpets and rugs like-new. Give Air Fresh Chem-Dry a call today so that we can remove that pet urine odor and pet urine stains from your carpets, which will save you a lot of money having the carpets cleaned and treated instead of having the carpets or rugs replaced. As well, asthma sufferers can rest easy and assured that their indoor environment is much healthier and cleaner than ever before.

Is your pet causing a mess in your Rancho Cucamonga home? is there an are a of your home that you avoid cause of the smell of pet urine? Air Fresh Chem-Dry has solved your problem, it is called P.U.R.T. and it can fix even the most severely damaged and smelly carpets. This product has been specially formulated to attack pet urine and eliminate it forever. It works!

What You May Not Know About Pet Urine

Pet urine in your Rancho Cucamonga home can be so difficult to work with because it does not just damage your carpet. Unfortunately, urine will seek its lowest elevation other times soaking through your backing, pad and down to the sub floor. It doesn’t help that pets tend to use the same area to relieve themselves, so the urine becomes more concentrated in one area. After the liquid urine dries it will leave behind concentrated urine crystals. These urine crystals contain that pungent odor associated with pet urine. A simple cleaning will not relieve your problem. most of the time it will actually make it worse especially if you use one of Rancho Cucamonga’s Steam carpet cleaners. The reason is cause the moisture allows the sent to soak in and evaporate into the air essentially stirring the smell up and releasing a stronger more pungent scent. You will even notice this on very humid days. Until now products aimed at cleaning the surface, still leaving behind odor causing bacteria. P.U.R.T. immediately works to neutralize the urine and bacteria associated with pet urine, with a powerful chemical reaction eliminating the smell forever.

The P.U.R.T. Treatment Broken Down

1. The severity of the site will be determined. Carpet will be rinsed to remove urine crystals.

*2. If necessary technicians will pull carpet back to evaluate damage

*3. The pad will be replaced if called for.

*4. Sub-floor will be primed with an odor blocking shellac if situation calls.

*5. Saturate area with P.U.R.T.

*6. Over the next 24-36 hours let P.U.R.T. work its magic breaking down all urine related compounds like it never happened.

Some of these steps (*) carry an extra charge.

Learn more about P.U.R.T. from your Air Fresh Chem-Dry, your neighborhood carpet cleaner in Rancho Cucamonga while they are in your home or call 866-384-7474.

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“Air Fresh Chem-Dry has serviced my home since the 1990s. They are a reputable company that always sends professional people to my home, cleans the carpets better than any company out there and has the most affordable prices. Steam cleaning my carpets ruined them and I changed to these guys after doing some research. They have the kind of customer service that is hard to find in this day in age. I recommend Air Fresh Chem-Dry over any other carpet cleaner” -Mary Jane E. in Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I moved into a new house where we did not notice a urine smell until after we moved in. The bank had so much deodorizer that was covering up the smell and when we moved into our new home, the urine odor smell was unbearable. I went online to find a product to get the smell out and ran across Air Fresh Chem-Dry. I had them come out for a quote and felt very comfortable with choosing them to fix the stench. The men were professional, the price was so reasonable and the smell is 100 percent gone. Now the carpets smell clean and fresh and I did not have to replace the carpet. Plus, the pet stains came out. They are amazing and I recommend them to anyone in need of a carpet cleaner or someone to get the urine smell out of their carpeting.” – Leigha T. in Rancho Cucamonga, California

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