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Why Chem-Dry Protectant™? From Air Fresh Chem-Dry

After you have professionally cleaned your carpets or area rugs, carpet and rug manufacturers recommend protecting them again. This is because after cleanings and over time with general use, the factory applied protectant experiences a reduction in effectiveness. This is because with regular foot traffic, comes wear patterns. All carpets new and old will benefit from Chem-Dry Protecant. After each cleaning service we highly recommend to refresh the performance of stain resistant carpets. Your carpets will stay cleaner, longer.

PowerGuard Protectant™

Chem-Dry has always been known for cutting edge products. Our next generation of exceptional Chem-Dry Protectant is available. Chem-Dry’s Protectant is loaded with acid-dye resistant for superior stain resistance. The unique polymer base is the optimum choice for solution dyed carpets such as olefin and polyester. Tests show that Powergaurd along with the Natural® is more effective than other Protectors.

Repel Protectant

Chem-Dry Repel Protectant drives off most liquid spills, allowing them to be removed before staining can occur. Repel Protectant can be applied to most types of carpet as it forms a molecular barrier around each carpet fiber. This barrier increases the surface tension of the carpet fibers, causing them to repel liquid spills, dust and dirt. This helps avoid dirt and stains from being ground in or absorbed by the carpet fiber.

Wool Protectant

Wool carpet Protecant is applied to form an invisible barrier around each fiber without changing the feel of the carpet. Designed to repel most spills to be removed so that staining will not occur.  Allowing carpets to be cleaner longer between cleanings.


“After years of fighting my carpets with stains and wear patterns, I replaced my carpets and have had them treated with protectant with Air Fresh Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning and now my carpets are fresh, clean and have lots of life after 5 years of doing this, they still look brand new.” Paula M. in Riverside, California

“I thought protectant was a gimmick until my husband talked me into getting it since it was not expensive and the technician explained the benefits. My mind is changed now. I had the carpets cleaned and after the cleaning, I used the spot remover that Chem-Dry left me and I was able to remove a orange juice spill that stained my carpet before and this time it came right up.” – Donna S. in Riverside, California

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