Riverside’s Green Carpet Cleaner

Riverside’s Green Carpet Cleaner

Green Carpet Cleaning in RiversideLong before it was trendy to offer green cleaning products Chem-Dry  was offering them to all of the Riverside residents.Chem-Dry in Riverside has been dedicated toward delivering a green solution to carpet cleaning for over 30 years.

The exclusive green cleaning that Air Fresh Chem-Dry in Riverside uses is called The Natural. The Natural can be found on the FDA’s G.R.A.S. list (acronym for Generally Recognized As Safe). In addition, when using a fraction of the solution, you achieve a healthier, greener home.

Why Stop with at your carpets in your riverside home?

Our Chem-Dry certified program has many services and products that coinside with the strict standards that benefit our clients, pets and the enviornment. To recieve more information, click to view or print Air Fresh Chem-Dry‘s Green & Clean Brochure in PDF format.

  • Stain Extinguisher
  • World Famous Spot Remover
  • The Natural
  • Pet Odor Remover
  • Upholstery Rinse
  • Upholstery Wet/Foam Cleaner
  • Carpet Deodorizer

Green carpet and upholstery cleaning is our commitment to providing our Riverside clients with a cleaner, healthier living enviornment.

Riversides Greener Cleaner

Health, Toxicity & Safety

  • Inhalation toxicity: Products do not distribute harmful pollutants that are breathed in from the atmosphere.
  • Dermal Toxicity : Products do not include poisonous substances that enter through skin contact.
  • Oral Toxicity : Products do not include hazardous substances ingested through the mouth.
  • No Carcinogens : Products do not include agents which can increase the likelihood of cancer.
  • A top priority is placed on bio-accumulate or biodegradable products and do not damage the stream or mother earth.

Protection of Aquatic Life

  • High standards for biodegradability and not bio-accumulate. Products must not damage our streams or Mother Earth.

Safety for Materials Contacted

  • The pH of the solution of the products must be no less than 3 and no greater than 10.

Clean Air Requirements

  • The solution must not contain damaging levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

So why does Air Fresh Chem-Dry care so much about being Green? Well, simply put: Less water in your carpets means more in our nation’s reservoirs. Non-toxic means Air Fresh Chem-Dry of Riverside, CA is safe for children and pets and makes Air Fresh Chem-Dry the perfect (often, the only) solution for many people with allergies. We live here too and our mission is to help create healthier homes for a better world.

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