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Power Stretching

Power stretching can fix the problems that occur in your Riverside carpet overtime like waves, lumps, or ripples. Often a poorly installed carpet will exhibit this condition. Sometimes carpets stretch for no apparent reason while others never do. Carpets that tend to stretch should be repaired. This condition can de-laminate the secondary backing and additionally wear out the carpet faster. Power stretching uses specialized equipment to re-stretch your carpet to the proper position. A proper stretching adds to the life of the carpet and allows for more effective carpet cleaning.

Cutting and Plugging

A cut and plug is a term used when replacing a section of the carpet due to indelible stains or possibly an accident such as burns. With the high cost of new carpet in Riverside, now a days, we all want the carpets to last. You may be able to cut and plug, patch or fix the damaged section. Ideally you kept remnants of carpet left over from when it was installed. If not, often times you can get a replacement piece from the back of the closet.

It is suggested replacement pieces are much less noticeable if cut in the shape of a circle or triangle. Rectangles and squares tend to catch the eye.
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