After using steam cleaning for as long as I have owned my home, I didn't think there was a difference between one company or another. My neighbor used Chem-Dry to clean her carpets and I decided after hearing her rave review to try Chem-Dry out. Your crew was the most professional crew I have ever had and I was very impressed with the results and happy about the dry time. I will in the future only use Chem-Dry.
-Adrian P.
Air Fresh Chem-Dry reviews in, Riverside California

The professionalism from this company is outstanding. I have used several companies in the past and Air Fresh Chem-Dry has their service down to perfection. I received a reminder the night before, a call when the men were on their way, a follow up call after and each representative was pleasant and wonderful. The man who came out was polite and professional, worked hard and got my carpets and sofas cleaner than than I imagined they would come out. I am over the moon about my service, thank you Air Fresh Chem-Dry!Amber R., Riverside, CA

I have been using Air Fresh Chem Dry since the 1990s. Every person there is professional and gets things right. They always remember my appointment, always on time, carpets and furniture always look good, phone service is always quick and easy and the employees are always polite and courteous. It's a great experience every time.Jamie R., Riverside, CA

I had the PURT treatment on my carpets and wool rugs. That service is amazing. Truly amazing. My rugs reeked of cat urine I thought I would have to throw the rugs away which would have been a shame since they were imported and custom made. But the cat urine smell was intolerable. Air Fresh Chem-Dry cleaned and treated my bedroom and living room and picked up my oriental area rugs and had them delivered in two weeks. All of the cat urine smell was gone. Now my cat is confined to my tile areas so I no longer will experience that again, but I am so grateful my rugs and carpet could be saved. PURT works like magic!Barb K., Riverside, CA